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A response to Rachel’s comment, which made me laugh out loud, is warranted as a full-on blog entry.

I did not know all that info about 28! And since yes, I am turning 28, this is exciting to know! I’d never even heard of this perfect number phenomenon before. I’d intended to be a physics-math double major in college, but dropped the math pretty darn quickly (after linear algebra, which kicked my ass second semester of freshman year).

I am a big fan of prime numbers, though, and will be psyched for 29. I once went to a talk by a friend on happy numbers; that was something I’d never heard of before the talk. Turns out 28 is also a happy number! Boy next year is going to be good :)

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  1. MeBeth says:

    I love perfect numbers – from way back in my math nerd youth! Sadly I will no longer have a perfect number age, but this January I have another prime age coming up!

    And I too have the belt problem you mentioned below. I am convinced low-rise pants are to blame. They sit on the wide part of the hips, so a longer belt is required, although the wearer has not changed in size.

  2. Rachel says:

    Ooh, happy numbers, even better! For a period of several months next year my husband and I will both be happy numbers — I have high hopes for that time!

  3. candsmom says:

    Hi there! Laura sent me! :-) And I’m glad she did- just looking at your Flickr badge, you do such beautiful work. I’m loving what I’ve seen of Pam so far. The cables are gorgeous and I love the color. And happy numbers- how cool is that? Come to think of it, 28 and 29 really were great years for me. Therefore, I scientifically proclaim they will be for you, too. :-)

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