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dirty thirty


Everyone’s best blog bud, Pam, is turning 30 years old today! Back on my triumphant day, she told me that she was fearing turning 30. So like any caring, loving friend, I decided I would find a way to rub her face in her 30-ness as much as possible. And what better way than to make her wear a shirt featuring herself, declaring her 30-ness?

there is no time!


I’ve been back from Portland since late Sunday night, and I am eager to pick a winner from my contest–thanks for all the great sage advice everyone!–but I have been pretty much at work, out with friends, or fast asleep since I’ve been back (jet lag has hit me hard, as I hear it does in one’s dotage). And tomorrow I’m headed back to the West Coast, to San Francisco.

I was surprised how many of you assumed I was worried or upset about turning 30. Far from it! I am thrilled to finally be 30 years old. I am so happy with who I am as I hit this new chapter of my life, and “30” commands more respect than “29,” I think.


I don’t feel 29 today. Is this what happens as you get older? Birthdays stop feeling so special? I’ll still bask in the adulation of my family and friends, naturally, and get a kick out of hundreds of thousands of people all across the country (heck, world–there are expats, right?) eating my preferred birthday cake: pumpkin pie. They’ll be celebrating, and I’m going to share in it all. Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgving! Eat too much yummy food, watch some football, and be thankful for another year.