there is no time!

I’ve been back from Portland since late Sunday night, and I am eager to pick a winner from my contest–thanks for all the great sage advice everyone!–but I have been pretty much at work, out with friends, or fast asleep since I’ve been back (jet lag has hit me hard, as I hear it does in one’s dotage). And tomorrow I’m headed back to the West Coast, to San Francisco.

I was surprised how many of you assumed I was worried or upset about turning 30. Far from it! I am thrilled to finally be 30 years old. I am so happy with who I am as I hit this new chapter of my life, and “30” commands more respect than “29,” I think.

I must say that this was my best birthday EVER. It was everything I wanted it to be–and I cannot remember a birthday that even came halfway close in the last 10+ years. I was with a group of my closest friends, and I did the one thing I had the urge to do: climb a mountain.

365.327 • what did I do on my 30th birthday? (by mintyfreshflavor)

I didn’t knit at all on the big day, but I did do a lot of plane knitting to and from Portland, and will have an FO to show very soon–plane knitting only gets so far before you need a cutting implement, so hopefully once I’m back from SF I’ll be able to wrap up the current project and tell you all about my brief yarn pilgrimage in Portland.

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  1. Brill says:

    I had the exact same reaction to turning 30. “Whee!” said I, “I’m 30!”

    “Oh no, you’re 30, are you okay with that?” said everyone else.


    Come on!

  2. stacey says:

    I am with you – 30 was the best! My sister got me the old “over the hill” card – haha – not, I sure didn’t see it that way – more like “making my way up the hill, reveling ON the hill” (like you on the Mountain!) – clearly not “over”. I was celebrating my age, where I was in life, everything just felt so much more certain. Glad your was spectacular!

  3. stacey says:

    sounds wonderful – welcome to the 30’s! they are the best by far!!!! (re: Plane knitting and cutting implement: I have blunt, rounded end scissors like they have for little kids that I carry on the plane – never had a problem getting them through)

  4. courtney says:

    glad your 30th was everything you were hoping for. mine’s in 6 months, and i’m expecting the same feelings as you, i’m looking forward to being 30, which is so different from my other friends opinions on the subject.

  5. Macoco says:

    Sounds like a fantastic way to spend any birthday! I turn 30 on Monday and I’m very excited. I definitely agree that 30 commands more respect than 29. :)

  6. pattileigh says:

    Here’s my advice: Don’t wait. Do the things that you want to do and have fun! Don’t be afraid to try stuff (at least once). You will discover that you actually like things that you didn’t think you would. I adopted this philosophy when I was about 30 and have had a BLAST over the past 15 years! Since I turned thirty I read a lot less and ride my motorcycle a lot more. I still knit about the same amount, (but I rarely knit socks anymore). I just discovered your blog today, since I’m getting ready to start the sunrise circle jacket. Your photos are beautiful! I’ll stop back for more eyecandy :-)

  7. ali says:

    What a great outlook on birthdays- and life in general!
    Glad you had the chance to climb that mountain- love that pic!
    Happy knitting-

  8. Rachel says:

    I have long said that when I turn 30 I think people will finally start to treat me with the respect I deserve.

    Your photo kind of makes me want to climb a mountain. Too bad it’s sleeting.

  9. Teresa says:

    I’ve been eager to read about your yarn pilgrimage in Portland, more of your positive outlook on the passing of the years (I did 30 quite awhile ago and didn’t find it painful either) and to see more of your great photos, so have been checking often. I hope life will slow down for you after the first of the year so that you can spend more time knitting ….. and blogging what you’ve been doing.

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