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on birthdays

A response to Rachel’s comment, which made me laugh out loud, is warranted as a full-on blog entry.

I did not know all that info about 28! And since yes, I am turning 28, this is exciting to know! I’d never even heard of this perfect number phenomenon before. I’d intended to be a physics-math double major in college, but dropped the math pretty darn quickly (after linear algebra, which kicked my ass second semester of freshman year).

2 weeks and hardly counting

My birthday is in 2 weeks. Usually, I’m atwitter with excitement in the countdown–this year, I suddenly looked at the calendar and thought “Shit! My birthday’s in two weeks!?” I finally gave my mom some suggestions for gifts, and they are the lamest I’ve ever come up with. I’ve asked for a belt. Actually, two belts, one brown, one black. My old belts don’t fit anymore–though i can not figure out why. (I’m not much smaller or bigger than I was when the belts fit.) But I couldn’t think of anything else.