just saying hi

I don’t know how I keep doing it, but I have forgotten about Eye Candy Friday for the past few weeks. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking pictures!

In the last week, I went to the Met with friends and saw some “coloury” goodness.

coloury! (by mintyfreshflavor)

I got back into cooking again, playing with everything from complex flavor pairings (click the picture for the recipe) to old standbys.

click for recipe

grilled cheese (by mintyfreshflavor)

I had my 30th birthday party, which was so much fun and made me really happy.

365.321 • best! birthday party! ever! (by mintyfreshflavor)

I got some excellent gifts, some useful . . .

because I'm turning 30 (by mintyfreshflavor)

Some pretty . . .

two dozen roses (by mintyfreshflavor)

And one that truly blew my mind.

my brain exploded when I opened this gift (by mintyfreshflavor)

pile of koigu (by mintyfreshflavor)

And since this is my birthday week, I’m feeling generous. It’s time I gave away that extra copy of Folk Socks that I have, and there will be a yarny second prize as well. So leave me a comment with advice for me as I hit my thirties! (I’ve already gotten the eye cream lecture, thanks.) If you already own the book, please say so, and I will not enter you into the drawing for the book. The contest will be open until midnight on Friday, November 23, when my 30th birthday comes to an official close. I’ll do a random drawing once I’m back from Portland, Oregon, where I’m celebrating Thanksgiving.

102 Responses to just saying hi

  1. Rebekkah says:

    Happy birthday!

    I turned 30 this past January. My piece of advice is to not do anything differently — live and enjoy life as always, and take pleasure that you’ve cycled back to 0. To me, 30 seems younger than 29.

    Also take a few moments to remember what you thought 30 meant when you were, say, 8, and laugh at your young self. I still feel like a kid. I mean, looking back at who I was in college, I definitely see how I’ve matured in many ways, but I still do feel like an 8 year old a lot, and love it.

    Skip the eye cream. Laugh lines and crow’s feet are a sign of a life well lived.

    I already own Folks Socks.

  2. Micki says:

    Happy birthday, fellow Scorpio! I have no earth-shattering advice for your 30s; just keep doing what makes you happy. (I already have a copy of Folk Socks.)

  3. stacey says:

    First of all – Happy Birthday! My 30-something advice is – it’s just a number. My 30’s have totally been my best, there is a certain amount of self acceptance that just seems to come with aging gracefully. Enjoy every minute!

    Second – thank you for the eye candy – I just bought a set of Fiesta Ware – I think the neat canvases offer me some new kitchen re-do inspiration!:)

  4. Ashley says:

    Holy CRAP. Who gave you that yarn? (Koigu? Claudia’s?)

    My advice for your 30s? Don’t take the eye cream lectures too seriously–you’ll be much happier just accepting a wrinkle or two as they pop up rather than seeing each one as a sign of impending doom.

  5. christine says:

    Happy Birthday. Here’s my advice, keep doing what makes you happy and realize that any eye wrinkles are from smiles and laughter.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Happy birthday! That sock yarn is totally blowing MY mind, too. Amazing! I think the best thing I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older is that you don’t need to spend tons of time worrying if your life isn’t going “as planned.” Things almost NEVER go as planned – so it’s a good idea to just go with it and enjoy your life as it is. I’m trying hard to take my own advice. :)

  7. Anastasia says:

    I just turned 30 this year myself :) My best advice: Have fun! Life isn’t all that different once you hit 30, except maybe that creepier guys hit on you more ;) So don’t let it get you down and don’t start feeling “old”. You’ve got a long way to go before you get there :)

  8. Kristen says:

    As I scrolled through the photos my jaw literally dropped when the lineup of sock yarn just kept going. . . and going! Are you planning a Keepsake or Charlotte’s Web shawl? You certainly have the colors arranged as if you do.

    I’ve got no birthday advice to give so here’s hoping others will be able to fill you in on tips and tricks.

  9. Christy / Not Hip says:

    Happy Birthday. Hmmm advice…. enjoy the fact that your knitting prowess will just keep improving.
    Also, if you have any time while in Portland to meet up for yarn or cupcakes, I’ll be staying home and lounging in Portland for Thanksgiving break.

  10. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to adulthood. My advise to you is, to not take life too seriously. Always do what you enjoy. I just turned the “Big 5-0” this year and am still having a great time with it. Growing old is a wonderful thing. There is always the alternative….I prefer to continue aging.

  11. Jen says:

    My god, that’s a lot of beautiful yarn. You obviously have some friends who really love you. My advice is to keep those people around.

    Seriously, my advice is to recognize when you have a choice, and choose to be happy.

    Happy 30th!

  12. bea says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I haven’t any hard-earned advice as I’m not there yet. But I think the best thing to do would be to absolutely enjoy yourself as much as you can and keep doing what you love!

  13. sprite says:

    Happy birthday! It sounds like it was a terrific celebration!

    My advice is not to take any advice too seriously. =)

    Well, and jointly to trust your own gut instincts.

  14. Kat says:

    Ooooh… Folk Socks. I’ve been wanting that!

    I haven’t hit 30 yet, but I think the best thing to keep in mind is that age doesn’t matter! Who you are at 30 is still the same person you were at 29 and 364 days. Just be true to yourself, and keep trying to be the best you that you can be.

  15. Dee says:

    Happy, happy birthday. That was quite a nice sock yarn pile. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make from all that.

    Advice for your 30’s —- hmmmm… guess my best advice would be to find some sort of exercise that you love and make a habit of doing it now. It’s SOOO hard to get started later. (Ask me how I know this. LOL)

  16. melissa says:

    as a 32 year old, i’m going to advise you to back up that eye cream with drinking lots of water, it keeps the skin happy. when i forget to drink lots of water at least 5 people feel the need to tell me i look tired (read: shriveled up).
    have a very happy birthday! seriously, being 30-something has been pretty good so far.

  17. Desiree says:

    I turned 30 this April and the only words of warning I remember were: Once you turn 30, the warranty on your body parts run out. I didn’t believe it then, so I neglected to buy an extended warranty. Now, they won’t even take my body in because it was a personal folly to sign up for a marathon.

    However, there is little good beer and better food can’t fix, even if they serve as temporary Band-Aids only. But I’ll tell you what’s best for the decades-old heart and soul: 90-minute massages by the beach in Krabi, Thailand that only cost $10.

    Do it.

    P/S Am OK with not receiving a copy of “Folk Socks.” :)

  18. Punkin says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I found the 30’s to be a time of refining my dreams. It was a time of sloughing off old dreams and focusing on the dreams that were closer to my heart.

    Have a nice time in Portland. It may be cool and rainy. (I am at the other end of the state.)

  19. Rachel says:

    Dude. Talk to me more about all that yarn. You can’t just throw that up there with no explanation. Holy freakin’ moly.

    My advice as you enter your thirties? Don’t forget those of us who remain youthfully and vivaciously behind in our twenties (for 3 more months).

  20. Katy says:

    I’m not there yet, but my advice for your 30s is to keep smiling! It might give you eye wrinkles, but only the good kind, that come from lots of happy times, smiles and laughter. Also, enjoy your more settled self, and keep knitting.

  21. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Since you are exactly 7 months older than me, I have no 30’s advice for you. However, I expect to gain some knitting wisdom from checking in on your blog from time to time. And I’d check in anyway for your Eye Candy Fridays!

  22. Lisa says:

    I am not 30 yet, but I would think that it’d be a good time to reflect back on your 20’s and appreciate how far you’ve come in your life and how much you have changed and grown. Then, look forward and assess your goals and dreams and thankfully think of how much more of your life you still have to live. Have a great Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday!

  23. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your 30’s! They go by so much more quickly than your 20’s. I am in the last year of my 30’s and dont feel any older than when I turned 30 but I do feel a bit wiser, a bit more wrinkly and gray hairs too which I never used to have, but that could be from having another child to bring up. I think in your late 30’s you really discover who you are, face up to your insecurities and deal with life in a different way and accept more responsibilities too. I do hope that you have a wonderful week of celebrations and all those wonderful yarns look just gorgeous too. So jealous!

  24. Deb says:

    As someone who is now in my mid-40’s, I would tell you to enjoy your 30’s to the fullest–my sister, who is 10 years older than I, told me that once you hit your mid-40’s, things start to deteriorate. Being an optimist, I didn’t believe her, but it’s true! So have fun now–the 30’s were great for me in terms of health, happiness and success. Happy Birthday!

  25. Meg says:

    Hippy happy birthday to you!!
    When I turned 30, and in spite of being a renter of a small apartment on the 3rd floor of a walk-up, I bought myself a piano. I thought, what the heck! I’m 30!
    It is significant to note that I also hired and paid for professional piano removalists. At 29, I definitely would have rounded up some friends to move the piano for free/cheap!
    So my advice is… put down some roots – even if they’re symbolic!

  26. amy says:

    I would say, don’t take the numbers seriously. You’re only one day older than you were yesterday.
    I don’t really have good advice….I’m 32, so I don’t have that hindsight yet.

  27. schrodinger says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I can see why the yarn just blew your mind – how fantastic!! Love the colours in that piece at the Met. As for 30, while it’s a milestone, it shouldn’t be worried about too much :)

  28. Rebekka says:

    I haven’t actually hit the 30-year mark myself (I’m coming up on 25 and getting worried about growing up) but I think my advice would be not to think about it. Just live to be happy and enjoy yourself while doing something you find meaningful and fulfilling.

  29. caitlyn says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Erin! I am glad that your day was filled with fun times and beautiful things. I’m drooling over all the gorgeous yarn!
    I recently turned 29, so I can’t speak from experience about turning 30, but I do agree that it is just a number.
    I hope this year will bring you much joy, laughter, and good health!

  30. Karma says:

    Happy Birthday! I had my 30-somethingth birthday just last week. November is a good month to have a birthday. :) As for advice, all I can tell you is to enjoy yourself. I love being in my 30s. I feel so much more comfortable with myself than ever before and I’m more able to count my blessings and take nothing for granted, too. xoxo

  31. Clare says:

    Happy Birthday! For me, nothing really changed overnight when I turned 30, but there is a sense of being more…well, me. Also, there are more baths with glasses of champagne and sweetie treats! I think that yarn will see you through it all, though – it is spectacular!
    (Oh, and I would love Folk Socks)

  32. Nell says:

    I just turned 30 myself. My advice is to claim your 30-ness! Don’t be 29 for the next 10 years. Be in your 30’s. Shout it from the roof tops! YAY! We’re 30!!!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great year!

  33. maryse says:

    oh man, deb’s depressed me. i’m not sure i like that thought that i’m deteriorating. i’ll be 45 at my next birthday (which is just crazy — my parents are still 45 in my head) so i can speak with confidence and wisdom (ha!) that your 30’s will be wonderful. you’re still young and yet you’re old enough now to not take any shit from anyone.

    know what’s better than eye cream? sunscreen. every single day.

  34. Serenknitity says:

    Hi there, Happy belated birthday! From the wisdom of my 52 years I’d say enjoy every day, and don’t beat yourself up over ‘shoulds’ – ones you make up or coming from the media. You are at exactly the right phase of life for you. Your body won’t fall apart at 45 unless you are very unlucky or regularly and thoughtlessly abuse it. Yoga helps, water helps, I don’t think eye cream helps, unless you want puffy eyes. Cultivate an optimistic outlook and stay young at heart. Jackie Onassis gave a friend this advice (from her death bed, mind) ‘Keep your weight down and your hair cut’. Works for me.

  35. WiscJennyAnn says:

    Wow! Look at all that Koigu! What a present! I guess my advice would be… Keep on knitting and crafting and creating! It’ll keep you young! Happy happy birthday to you!

  36. Laura says:

    My advice to you is don’t waste time too much time doing things that you don’t like. Don’t stay in a job that you hate, don’t knit with icky yarn, don’t knit patterns that give you fits–you get the idea.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Joyous Birthday, and a Pleasant and Safe Trip!

  37. Robyn says:

    Unfortunately I am not 30 yet, though I hear that the 30’s are the new 20’s. I actually cannot wait to be in my 30’s (weird, huh?) I am close though….! I keep hearing that the 30’s are more fun, so be free and have fun!

  38. alice says:

    Happy bday!

    Advice… I’d say keep knitting! It’s good for keeping those brain cells in working order (and so much more productive than sudoku), plus it’ll take you a fair few years to get through all that sock yarn ;)

  39. Jen says:

    I’ve got some time before I turn 30 but my advice would be if there’s anything you’ve put off doing for whatever reason just go for it now. Better to risk failure than to wonder what if.

    Happy Birthday!

  40. Mandy says:

    Happy birthday! I am just about to hit the 30 mark myself, so I will give you the advice that I will continue to give to myself. Follow your passion, laugh as much as you possibly can, save money, drink water, and challenge yourself to do the things that are important to you but are difficult! I hope that you had a fabulous day and party…

  41. courtney says:

    Happy Birthday!!! That cupcake made me hungry!
    My only advice for turning 30 is to try something new. It doesn’t have to be something big, just something new. I think that if everyone pushed themselves a little more each year we would all be happier and healthier… :)

  42. Phoebe says:

    I don’t really have 30’s advice yet because I’ve only been 30 for two months. I didn’t really worry about it too much and then panicked at 11:59pm on the night before my birthday started. By 12:01am on my birthday, I was totally fine with it again. I always get mistaken for being a lot younger than I am and I credit wearing sunscreen every day. So, yeah, do that. What’s this about eye cream, though?

  43. Kelly says:

    Well I’ve been there, done that. The best advice I can give you is to laugh everyday. Then pass some happiness along. Trust me that stops wrinkles. People think I’m 10 years younger than I am.
    Don’t take your life for granted, enjoy it!
    Time will soon start passing very quickly.
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Have a happy & fun Thanksgiving.

  44. Jessica says:

    I love that wing of the Met. :) Happy Birthday! You’ll have to give *me* the 30s advice since I’ve only got a couple months to go until I get there. And I have the book anyway. ;)

  45. Kelly says:

    Well, I’ve been there done that. The best advice I can give is to laugh everyday and share the happiness with at least one other person. Don’t take your life for granted enjoy it. Soon time will really start flying by.
    This is what I do (along with the eye creme) and People think I’m 10 years younger than I am.
    Happy Birthday
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  46. Veronique says:

    Wow. Who gave you all that Koigu?! Amazing.
    PS. 30 is JUST A NUMBER. You will not actually feel any different. (At least, that’s what I’ve convinced myself of).

  47. Shelda says:

    Oh yea I turned* 40* this year ,it was a biggie but the sock yarn wow wish it were me . Alright for that advice now ,since people will now expect you to be more forgetful don’t disapoint them ,let them know that each year now there needs to be another skien, when they tell you that you’ve said that a zillion times fake tears and express concern at your memory lapses.Also with all that yarn there to knit you will relax and those wrinkles could disappear , well they could couldn’t they?AND NOW YOU CAN FORGET YOUR YARN DIET WHEN ATTACKED BY THOSE LOVELY PETABLE FIBERS . Because thats the plus side of a knitter aging , make it work for you.
    Congratulations from a 40 yr old *senile*knitter we could rule the world with this info so mums the word.

  48. Katie says:

    That yarn is amazing! Lucky you! And Happy Birthday!
    30 was my best year ever. The only thing that changed was that those 20-somethings see younger every year…

  49. Diana says:

    Happy Birthday! I am not 30 yet (2.5 yrs to go), but I love to give advice! Hehe! Enjoy every minute! Don’t forget to tell the people you care about that you love them! Take nothing for granted! Life is precious! and crazy! So just do the best you can and have fun!
    LOVE all that sock yarn! So pretty….what are you planning to make?

  50. Minty Mel says:

    Happy Birthday!
    My advice is to do nothing different than when you were a 20-something! You will never act a day older that way! I’m sure this year will be your best yet!

  51. Amy Scott says:

    WOW! I want a BDay present like THAT! Such beautiful colors!! Happy B-Day to you!

    Don’t think about being 30, the number is irrellevant to how you feel. You will eventually turn 40, 50, 60, 70, etc., just enjoy life and don’t take it for granted. :)

  52. Elise says:

    Happy Birthday! I don’t know what advice to give; I’ll be needing some of my own too soon. I can tell you to just enjoy everyday as it comes and keep knitting.

  53. Gayle says:

    Happy 30th! My advice is to forget the number altogether. I’m 51 now and don’t feel any older than I did at 30. Your outlook on life is what can age you, stay positive and active and you will grow old, but you will never “be” old.

  54. Kristy says:

    Happy Birthday, Minty! I’m sorry we never got back together about a contest, but this works :) Enjoy your thirties! I haven’t gotten there yet, but I won’t be too worried about it when I do. It seems like a great decade!

  55. beverly says:

    As I’m drawing nearer to the end of my 30s, my advice would be to think about dreams that seemed out of reach at some earlier point and see if you can make them happen now–I started my MFA in creative writing at 35, and it’s the best thing I’ve done so far for myself!!

    Happy birthday!!

  56. Sarah says:

    Stay in touch with the creative forces w/in you….they will keep you young! I’m 28, so on the cusp of my 30’s….and I’m actually pretty excited about it! Enter me in the contest – I don’t have the book yet! =) Thanks! Love the Blog!

  57. BigAlice says:

    Happy birthday!
    I have no advice, I kind of careen through life and I keep forgetting how old I am (had to stop and figure it out. OK! 32!) I guess, if anything, I would say that times seems to move even more quickly, so don’t wait to do stuff you want to do. But you already seem to know that.

    P.S. bring a raincoat and a sense of humor to Portland (has it been raining straight for days now? Unrelenting grey skies? Yes, yes it has)

  58. Octopus Knits says:

    Happy Birthday! I can’t believe all that yarn…. My advice for your 30’s would be to keep doing whatever you’re doing that encourages people to give you such yarn (and such a lot of it!)! Enjoy yourself : )

  59. Heather R. says:

    Don’t forget your kid side! I read a great thing somewhere that at any age you are still all the ages you have ever been. Like at thirty you are also 5 and 10 and 20 all at the same time! I like the idea of that. Happy Birthday!
    Heather R.

  60. Cindy says:

    Happy birthday! I turned 30 this year also, and although I found it a really intimidating number … its really not any different from being 29, or 27. So, keep feeling and acting young, the eye cream is just for pampering!

  61. Mary Beth says:

    My advice as you turn 30–that you won’t need advice as much in your 30s. For me, my 30s were when I finally got my act together (mentally and professionally) and had tons of fun! So have a great birthday!

  62. Althea says:

    Happy birthday… Don’t get caught up in the mathematics of age, take a walk every day to get some fresh air and clear thoughts, and invest in the best sports bra you can afford. ;)

  63. connie says:

    Wow, look at all that Koigu! That is quite the way to usher in the 30s isn’t it? As for advice? Hmmm, having just entered that phase myself, I’m not quite sure what to say. I guess I felt kind of pressured because I felt like I hadn’t really achieved my goals yet (or even gotten close to them). So I guess my advice is to give yourself some room to relax too. Happy birthday!

  64. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday, Erin! (Definitely, I need details about that yarn!)

    In March, I’ll be 39, so I’m almost done with my 30s. Here are some things that I’ve learned:

    1. Never say never.
    2. Except that it’s never too late to change your life for the better.
    3. Trust yourself.
    4. Indulge your passions.
    5. With respect to aging, it’s all in your head. At a certain age, and you’re not there yet, I think people expect women to “cut their hair and simmer down.” (Jennifer from CraftSanity put it this way.) Frankly, I think that’s bullsh*t. I refuse to simmer down.
    6. Don’t pass up an opportunity for small pleasures. Wear your good dress! Take the big piece of cake!
    7. If you’re having a bad day, it can usually be improved with tea and knitting. Or, in my case, if things are really grim, Radiohead and a Stella.

    hugs to you! (I have Folk Socks, btw. Awesome book.)

  65. Macoco says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ll be turning 30 soon as well – now I know I’ll be in good company. ;) Well for beauty advice everyone keeps telling me the importance of moisturizer – face, hands and feet. I have my face and hands down pat, but not the feet.

  66. Dawn says:

    Happy Birthday! I turned thirty last year. My step grandma was very young looking and her secret was staying active and using lots of lotion. I try to always remember that plus I think I’ll stay at thirty forever. No more getting older for me.

  67. Jennifer says:

    Wow! That’s a pile of Koigu! Mmmmm.

    Happy Birthday!

    Advice – well, I wouldn’t change much, but in re: relationships, especially those of the romantic type – never settle if you feel like you’re settling. If you’re happy and satisfied, then you’re probably on the right track.

  68. Ann R. says:

    Would those be 30 skeins, by any chance? (maybe 30 plus one to grow on?) What a lucky girl! Twenty years ago, when I was 30 and my mother-in-law hit 50, my father-in-law gave her 50 red roses for her birthday. Poor man meant well. She took one look and blew her stack. Never seen her so p.o.’d before or since. Fifty roses do take up a lot of space in a vase, and the gift apparently made her feel really, really o-l-d. I would have buried my face into so many roses and taken the deepest breath imaginable. But that’s just me. So the first piece of advice I would give for your 30’s (or any other decade really) would be Meister Eckhart’s: “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” And after that, have a Happy Minty Birthday, listen to your friends about the moisturizing, enjoy all your yarn, and don’t forget to floss!

  69. knitopia says:

    My advice is to enjoy it when you buy alcohol and either get carded (they think you could be 20!) or don’t get carded (you don’t have to fumble with your wallet and show them your license!).

  70. Olga says:

    Happy birthday! Well, I could give you the old Kurt Vonnegut advice about wearing sunscreen–even though I think that was an urban legend about his speech, the advice is still good! But what I really want to tell you isn’t advice, it’s just the truth about what happened to me in my 30s: I stopped caring so much about what other people thought about me, and stopped trying to please people who didn’t really matter to me. It’s so liberating!

  71. Totoro says:

    Happy birthday! I’m still 8 months away from turning 30, but I feel certain life wisdom approaching already :) My advice would be to become your own best friend (if you aren’t already) – treat yourself with respect, do not judge unnecessarily, and remember to pamper yourself. You’re still the same person, only with more life experience.

  72. Valerie says:

    Happy Birthday! I turned 30 a few months ago and it went just fine, no wrinkles popped up and no gray hairs either! My best advice is to try to eat even better than you did and do those 30 minutes/day exercise. That’s very important! : ) Something I definitely should be more careful in doing too.

  73. Lola says:

    Happy Birthday & thanksgiving. How lucky?! Stuffing & Cake. What a combo.

    I don’t feel that good on giving you 30s advice as I just got into mind. One year & counting. But I guess it’s the same advice I’d give everyone, don’t feel guilty saying “No”. Sometimes its really nice to sit on the couch on watch reality tv.

  74. brook says:

    I have to admit that I don’t normally leave comments on blogs, but you have enticed me with something free. :)

    Happy Birthday!! Check out the Pied Cow in SE Portland if you have a chance. Delicious treats and quirky decorations. I miss Portland. I grew up there. Well Beaverton actually, and, my high school mascot was a Beaver. Oregonians are kind of funny like that.

    Take care and have a great holiday.

  75. julia says:

    Hi Sweetie!
    Happy almost birthday–I don’t think I’ll have reception where I’ll be this week, so I’m not sure I can call you guys to say happy thanksgiving (or happy birthday). But i’ll be free the weekend you said you’d be in SF (is that still on?) so let’s definitely get together!
    As for advice? Pretty much just do whatever you want, and remember that you don’t have to take a bunch of shit from anyone if you don’t want to.
    Love ya.

  76. Ellen says:

    I’m thinking that swearing off men (or husbands at a bare minimum) should do the trick to keep you young. Without the aggravation these men have subjected me to, I clearly could have gone on that Tyra Banks show….Happy Birthday, Minty!

  77. Jody says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I will be turning 32 in December!! So my advice to you is to enjoy 30 while you can – because soon you will be IN your thirties – not just 30.

    Have a great Turkey day!

  78. Suzie says:

    I will be turning 37 the day after your contest ends! Eeeek! My advice is a general life philosophy put forth by David Wilcox in his song Down Inside Yourself… “get some sleep, eat some broccoli, run a mile, take a shower.” I find it general good advice for all ages: don’t forget the small necessities! Happy 30!

  79. Knit Girl says:

    Thirties are great. I’ve felt better in my 30’s than I ever did in my 20’s. Be free, have fun.

    However, it is entirely dependent on attitude and how that life is lived. If you believe you’re a has- been by your 30s then you will project that image to others and will become like that.

    If you can realise age is only one part of life the rest is about actually living it you will look back on a life well lived. Believe every decade to come is the best yet that way you will always look forward to your future no matter what your age! Every age can be your best yet!

  80. earthchick says:

    Holy crap, that sock yarn!

    And happy 30th!!! I feel like my 30s are my best decade yet. Loved my 20s but I feel so much more comfortable with myself now in my 30s. My advice? Ignore what the magazines, the commercials, and the billboards have to say about what women are supposed to be, and choose every day to embrace the fabulous self you are.

    [I already have the book, so no need to enter me in the drawing.]

  81. Teresa says:

    Just found your blog recently and am enjoying it a lot.

    Hmmmm, advice to a 30 year old that you may not have already been given? My only advice is to enjoy every moment of your life. Live each and every day as if it were to be your last, so that as you look back on your life, you always look back with pride that you did your best, every day and in every circumstance. I do know that I’m a few hours late on the advice, but still wished to offer you my thanks for the blog sharing that you do and for the inspiration that you provide.

  82. abby says:

    Happy belated birthday! Congrats on acquiring all that gorgeous sock yarn – that makes for a happy day, any day. No real suggestions for being 30; I went to the mountains of NH to hide from everyone for my big day (no cell reception up there)! But it’s been pretty good since returning from my exile. ;)

  83. nova says:

    I am just catching up on on happenings in the blogosphere, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It’s a celebration as long as you celebrate, so I won’t apologize for my lateness. I like 30, it’s been better than any of my 20s, to be honest….

  84. mel says:

    Wow! You have a really generous friend to give you all that beautiful sock yarn. Happy belated birthday! I remember thinking 30 wasn’t a big deal, that it actually sounded like I was an adult, finally! But 40 is looming on the horizon for me and that is starting to sound weird…

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