serial knitter tries to break out

I hadn’t quite realized how much of a serial knitter (that is, knitting one project at a time) I am until I just got all sorts of excited about doing the Cover Your Head hatalong and Jaax and I agreed to knit our toe-up socks together. This will mean 3 truly active projects (the USMP is done being knitted, but still needs to be blocked and seamed and button-ed, so it’s not an FO but it’s not currently on the needles), and I’m finding that it makes me a little panicky.

I mean, I really want to start on my hat. I bought yarn and everything. But I haven’t thought of a pattern yet–will it be an allover tesselation? a band in the middle? a band at the bottom? something else?–and simply can’t bring myself to even think about it while I could be knitting up Pam. I wound the yarn for the toe-up socks, but don’t have needles for doing magic loop–and though I don’t know if 1s or 2s would be most appropriate, I can’t just do a swatch using dpns because that would take time away from knitting Pam.

All these other bloggers are working on more than one project at once, and I used to think I was like that, but in truth, I am not: I abandon a project if I start a new one. I don’t really keep them both going at once. (Remember the Lopi Tote? I even took it off the sidebar, because I’m totally not working on it.) I’m a one-project gal.

So I hope to get through Pam quickly so that I can catch up on all these other things I truly want to do. This isn’t as crazy as it might seem, because I’m making great progress–I finished the left front last night and am cranking away on the right front. I’m thinking I’ll be ready to work on a hat or pair of socks next week, at the current rate!

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