“another pair?” why yes, i’m obsessed

I’m truly addicted to legwarmers these days. I brought them to Maryland with me this past weekend even though the weather made them unnecessary. I showed them to everyone I could, I recommended them for a friend who lives in Chicago—I may have even promised to make several pairs for people.

Instead, I made myself another pair!

legwarmers #2

These are babies, because I didn’t want to do any increasing or decreasing (I’m not quite sure how that would look in brioche stitch). Using the same size 3 needles and a new shade of Manos, I worked 32 stitches for something like 40 rows.

The yarn is my mom’s, and I have more. She made herself a cardigan and had leftovers. They caught my eye in her stash, and I asked if she had any project set for the yarn. She happily gave it to me, and later found another whole skein in a separate stash! This shortstack pair took just one skein, so I can get another pair out of it. I’m wearing them now—it’s a bit chillier back in Philly.

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  1. Laura says:

    Cute legwarmettes! I still haven’t settled on yarn or a pattern, but I am psyched to get started on mine.

    Have you found that hat? I agree with you — only store bought hats in the future. My husband is that way with gloves, which ensures that he will never have handknitted ones. LOL!

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