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“another pair?” why yes, i’m obsessed

I’m truly addicted to legwarmers these days. I brought them to Maryland with me this past weekend even though the weather made them unnecessary. I showed them to everyone I could, I recommended them for a friend who lives in Chicago—I may have even promised to make several pairs for people.

Instead, I made myself another pair!

my own little secret

I finished the legwarmers last night. And I’ve been wearing them all day—even out to the 10:00 showing of a movie (Syriana) last night. My legs were comfy and warm, and no one was the wiser. So though I said I was probably never going to wear these other than to yoga, I discovered that they fit just fine under my boot cut jeans, and I can see myself wearing them all the time. Walking around with them on, I wonder how I ever survived without them. My boyfriend, who actually didn’t laugh or point, but merely said, “Those are kind of ridiculous,” (which I totally agree with) asked if I’ve ever really felt my ankles were cold. The answer to that is YES, making legwarmers the Best. Thing. Ever. I highly recommend.