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i made a decision!

I tried mistake-stitch rib (before you suggested it!) and even k1p1 again, but ultimately I decided that brioche was where it was at—thick, plush, dense—and in order to get it tighter, I’d just have to go to smaller needles.

legwarmers: a real WIP

Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions! I tried brioche stitch after you suggested it, Laura. I’d tried brioche before, but never stuck with it long enough to see it work—it always seemed so counterintuitive. (Okay, I guess that really means I’d never actually tried brioche before.) So I worked up about two inches in brioche with the Manos, and it was lovely, especially once I saw how the heck the stitch pattern works, but it was too loose. I want it to hug to my leg more.

brrr! it’s cold in here

It snowed last night! Just a dusting, which is mostly gone, but there was bona fide snow on the ground when I woke up, and it was a slippery, treacherous walk to yoga.

We’ve—let’s be honest here, I’ve—spent the weekend putting up plastic sheeting over most of our windows. It’s a delightful little project, I think. I walk up to a window, and I put my hands near the seams. I can feel a breeze (you know, these old Philly apartments have settled and so no window frame is really square). I stick up some tape, rub it down with my brayer (yay for having such an extensive art supply collection), stick the plastic on, and then the best moment of all: aiming the hair dryer at it and watching it become taut and smooth. It’s so satisfying and also makes me feel inordinately virtuous. Think of all the money we’ll save this winter! Think how much warmer we’ll be!