brrr! it’s cold in here

It snowed last night! Just a dusting, which is mostly gone, but there was bona fide snow on the ground when I woke up, and it was a slippery, treacherous walk to yoga.

We’ve—let’s be honest here, I’ve—spent the weekend putting up plastic sheeting over most of our windows. It’s a delightful little project, I think. I walk up to a window, and I put my hands near the seams. I can feel a breeze (you know, these old Philly apartments have settled and so no window frame is really square). I stick up some tape, rub it down with my brayer (yay for having such an extensive art supply collection), stick the plastic on, and then the best moment of all: aiming the hair dryer at it and watching it become taut and smooth. It’s so satisfying and also makes me feel inordinately virtuous. Think of all the money we’ll save this winter! Think how much warmer we’ll be!

But the truth is, it’s still really cold on the first floor (the second floor is nice and snug). I’m ready to encase the front door (our apartment has street access; perhaps, for those who’ve never seen it, I should call it a condo) in dairy-case plastic or something. I’m at a loss. Our front door is actually one level below the main floor (you enter and immediately go upstairs), and there’s no logical way to block off the stairs. Cold air just pours in from down there.

Anyway, all this to say that yesterday, the boy and I both semi-jokingly wore our winter hats indoors. And I started knitting myself a pair of legwarmers.

I’ve not worn legwarmers since I was, what, 6 years old? Back when they were really popular? But lately I’ve seen people at yoga wearing them, and I get all sorts of jealous. I’m not sure exactly what I want out of the legwarmers, though, and it’s led to a whole lot of starts and stops.

I started them with some cashmerino, but that was taking forever, and I wanted more instant gratification. Bingo! We’ll use the two skeins of Manos! Perfect! But sizing is a mystery (how snug do I want them?) and I can’t ever settle on a stitch pattern that I want, so I’ve taken those out a few times, too.

Eventually, I’ll have a finished pair. I swear!

5 Responses to brrr! it’s cold in here

  1. Laura says:

    It is very, very cold on the first floor of my house too. We have an old house, and there is no radiator in the (big) kitchen. Just an electric unit that works only sporadically. But upstairs it is cozy.

    Legwarmers! Cute! How about brioche stitch? I can’t do it, but I bet you can. It would look cute in bulky Manos.

  2. Rachel says:

    I have started wearing my winter hat indoors pretty much constantly — it’s certainly cheaper than turning the heat up even higher! I hadn’t though of leg warmers, though…I wonder if I could endure the merciless teasing at the hands of my husband.

    I think Manos legwarmers sound great!

  3. Lolly says:

    I love legwarmers – I just don’t know if I can “pull it off” outside of the house. I have a store bought pair that I really like, but a handknit pair would be so great. Yummy Manos too ;)

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