legwarmers: a real WIP

Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions! I tried brioche stitch after you suggested it, Laura. I’d tried brioche before, but never stuck with it long enough to see it work—it always seemed so counterintuitive. (Okay, I guess that really means I’d never actually tried brioche before.) So I worked up about two inches in brioche with the Manos, and it was lovely, especially once I saw how the heck the stitch pattern works, but it was too loose. I want it to hug to my leg more.

I could fall back on good ol’ k1,p1. But that’s so boring! And yet, a more interesting ribbing will be too time-consuming or tricky, and I really want these to be instant. I’ll continue to play around tonight. Unlike the weekend, I don’t have to take work home! I can sit and knit! Yay!

PS to Rachel: I believe that when I put the legwarmers on, my boyfriend will tease me endlessly, but when I mentioned my plan to make a pair, he hardly blinked. So either he’s got some latent Flashdance fantasies I don’t know about, or he recognizes their truly useful function.

PPS to Lolly: I don’t think I will be able to pull of legwarmers in any context other than heading to and from yoga. If I feel semi-certain that my boyfriend will tease me, I know with 100% certainty that my coworkers will never let me live them down.

PPPS to everyone: I sealed off two more windows yesterday, and that makes all but two windows in the house sealed (we left one because it’s a really good window and doesn’t let in air, and the other because it’s in the kitchen and we felt that access to air was a good thing, plus it’s not too drafty). The difference is remarkable. In fact, I’m remarking on it right now. Last night we watched a movie and weren’t huddled under a pile of blankets! A friend once complained that she hates the way the plastic sheeting looks, but I have to say I love it: One glance at that taut reflection, and I’m reminded of the joys I got when I used the hair dryer to set it that way. But I digress.

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  1. Laura says:

    how about a random rib to make it more exciting?
    k3 p1 k2 p2 k1 p1 or some such pattern (that you could repeat if you wished). Yes, I’m being silly.

    There were a pair of leg warmers in the Fall VK (but the model was wearing them on her arms). I vaguely remember that there was some sort of pattern on them. you could check it out.

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