new year’s meme

A year-end recap

The Top Five for 2005
1. New technique: Magic Join: The felted join that makes my days bright. And Magic Loop: the knitting-in-the-round technique that makes hats a breeze.

2. Favorite FO: Legwarmers: an impulsive knit that changed my life. And Pam: a semi-reluctant knit (it wasn’t a pattern I was in love with, but it looked fine) that I’ve incorporated into my wardrobe fully. Note that I still haven’t put on the buttons!

3. Favorite KAL: Well, I kind of have to say Cover Your Ankles, right? It’s the one I started! I also enjoyed the Union Square Market KAL, even though I still haven’t finished that sweater. I will, I swear.

4. Favorite LYS: I’m so excited to share this with everyone—on Saturday I went to Loop, at 19th and South, for the first time. It was heaven. Everything I would do if I were opening my own yarn shop. Clean, crisp, modern, chic, but comfy all at the same time. Super-friendly owner, delicious yarns, and a huge variety of product. I wish it were closer to where I live! I will definitely go out of my way to go there, however. It’s worth it.

5. Favorite tool: I suppose 40-inch circulars, for magic looping. But I also finally got one of those needle size doo-dads, so that I don’t have to peer at the cord of circulars to figure out the size anymore.

Six Goals for 2006
1. Knit for all the many babies that are being born to friends. So far, I have 3 things to knit before July.

2. Finish the Union Square Market Pullover.

3. Clean up and organize the stash.

4. Try some lace, for real. Maybe with that Wool in the Woods I got at Stitches.

5. Maybe actually finish a pair of socks? (I’ve so far done about 3 socks, none matching. I bore easily.)

6. I think this will be my only “real” (i.e., non-knitting) resolution for the year: Dress up more. I have loads of nice clothing, but always opt for jeans and simple shirts. Let’s start being more grown-up and professional.

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