christmas haul

Actually, it counts more as a belated birthday present, but either way I scored big: The boy’s parents gave me a $50 gift certificate to All About Yarn!

My mom had received an identical g.c. from a friend of hers, so she and I headed over on the 26th to spend every penny. It wasn’t hard.

The store was packed, not surprisingly, with people pawing through everything, and quite a few people knitting up new items. I headed straight for the 40-inch circulars, and got myself 4 pairs. Mom got some yarn and a Celtic Aran book. I also went a bit above the gc and got one skein of Manos, which matches some Manos my mom gave me (it was leftover from a sweater she made), to make a pair of legwarmers for a friend.

And about the hat: We believe that he left it at his grandparents’ house on Christmas night. I feel pretty certain he had it when we went there. I stood, arms akimbo, in his parents’ living room and made him search every vehicle of his family, the yard around the cars, every bedroom, and closet. His dad has a suspicion that his sister stole it because it was so nice. I’ve firmly stated that he needs to talk to his grandparents to see if they have it. He was suitably apologetic. But really. He needs one of those clips that attaches the hat to his coat! Basically, I’m never making him a hat again. He can buy one.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Yes! I think incorporating a way to tether it to his coat is a must. Either that or you could get it microchipped, like a dog, and then search the internet (or however microchips work) to find where it is each time he loses it (and perhaps catch sisters/theives redhanded!). It’s a sad world when we have to get our knitting microchipped, isn’t it?

    Okay, this is a silly comment. I hope the hat turns up!

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