i’ve gone back to the dark ages

There was a time when I didn’t know about Magic Loop. During that time, I, like many other people, used these horrible dpn contraptions. Since discovering Magic Loop, I’ve been forcing every project to conform to size 3 needles—the only size circular I bought that’s long enough to use Magic Loop on. (Yes, I have plans to get myself a whole lot more.)

what is this dpn nonsense

But I’m working on this sock right now. (BTW: Jaax, where the heck are you? What’s happening with our mini toeup sockalong? I’m nearly done with the first sock now!) I was able to use Magic Loop for the body, but the top wants a smaller sized needle. Hence, these sharp little daggers I have encasing my sock.

I’d forgotten just how awkward working with dpns is compared with Magic Loop. Those last two stitches on each needle are a real pain in the ass! The needles are long, so I have to move the yarn all over the place to clear them. And when I’ve finished a row, I drop the needle from my left hand as I’ve come accustomed to doing with Magic Loop, but now a little lance lands on my leg.

And can I just fawn a bit over Addi Turbos? See, I’ve been using Addis for all my projects for a long while now, and I’d forgotten how pathetic some other needles can be. These size 2s that I’m on now—an old pair that I’ve had for years—are kind of flexible (I have no idea what material they are; they’re too sharp to be plastic, I think), and they are not nearly so easy to work with.

Ah yes, bitch bitch bitch. The Christmas spirit is all over my house :) No, I’m all complain-y but I’m not really upset. Just determined to buy a TON more super-long Addi Turbos as soon as I can!

In a side note, I can’t believe how quickly this sock knits up. I’ve only ever knit one sock before (that’s right, one), and I felt like it took me forever. I’m definitely going to be able to knit the other one while I’m visiting my parents this weekend, but I wonder if I should be packing something else, too!

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  1. Rachel says:

    I tried magic loop and it just didn’t ever feel right to me. I also felt like the stitches at the split were also getting really stretched. Maybe I’ll try it again, though. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it with Addis.

  2. Diana says:

    I like dpn’s *ducks and runs* My last project (hat) is all in dpn’s cause I didn’t want to bother and buy a 16in circular just for it, and actually, I like it (and not last/first two stitches of the needle are loose!)

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