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Don’t feel bad if you prefer dpns! Especially if you’ve tried magic loop but didn’t like it. They’re just not for me. And it’s not a question of tension that irritates me about those last few stitches, it’s purely an issue of physics: The needles are sticking out everywhere, and when I get to the last two stitches they’re harder to access, because they kind of tuck under the next needle. I suppose I should try overlapping the needles the other way, but then tension comes into play—I feel I get more even tension if I start knitting with the new needle under the one that preceded it.

i’ve gone back to the dark ages

There was a time when I didn’t know about Magic Loop. During that time, I, like many other people, used these horrible dpn contraptions. Since discovering Magic Loop, I’ve been forcing every project to conform to size 3 needles—the only size circular I bought that’s long enough to use Magic Loop on. (Yes, I have plans to get myself a whole lot more.)

magical mystery tour

Tonight, I made an advancement in my knitting life.

See, I learned to knit when I was 8 years old. Mom taught me. I played around a lot, never really got super into it, but always considered myself a knitter. In college, a friend organized a club to knit hats to donate to homeless shelters. A bunch of my hallmates were going to participate and learn to knit, and my latent knitting self came forth. But there was no real advancement in my knitting.