a little bit about me

I’m liking this 4 things meme, plus sometimes I think that readers aren’t getting a full sense of “me,” since I mostly talk knitting.

Jobs You Have Had in Your Life
1. Summer undergraduate research fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology, in the nuclear reactor building.
2. Tour guide for my college.
3. Pick-up chick and salad girl for outdoor offshoot of a restaurant (Clyde’s of Columbia; it used to have an outdoor kitchen, but after several years it was nixed. I worked one summer.)
4. Proofreader for a national running magazine.

Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1. The Sound of Music
2. The Princess Bride
3. The Great Muppet Caper
4. Charlie’s Angels

Places You Have Lived
1. Columbia, MD
2. Taipei, Taiwan
3. Bryn Mawr, PA
4. Philadelphia, PA

TV Shows You Love to Watch
1. Project Runway
2. The Amazing Race
3. America’s Next Top Model
4. The Daily Show

Places You Have Been on Vacation
Picking only the most “exotic”
1. Bali, Indonesia
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Tokyo, Japan
4. Phuket, Thailand

Web Sites You Visit Daily
1. Gmail
2. Blogger
3. Stat Counter
4. Bloglines

Favorite Foods
1. French fries
2. Potato chips
3. Bananas Foster with homemade vanilla ice cream
4. Homemade peppermint ice cream
(In truth, I could have filled the list solely with fried foods.)

This has me tempted to sit down and try one of those “100 Things” lists. But I risk boring you all!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Do you ever read the America’s Next Top Model recaps over at Television Without Pity? My friend Tracie writes them — they’re hilarious. I don’t watch the show, but I still enjoy reading about it!

    I would read 100 things about you. I’d probably ration out 10 per day. You know, really savor the experience. :)

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