Take a look at this sad, sad sweater.

I made it for the boy 5 years ago. It was a surprise that I whipped up in a month-long frenzy. I didn’t know his measurements very well, and we didn’t live together at the time so I couldn’t just measure off a sweater. I figured a ribbed sweater would work no matter what.

Well, it’s way too long and doesn’t fit very well at all. He was a trooper though, and wore it a few times that winter.

Recently I asked him if he still had it (if his answer had been “no,” we probably would have had to break up–wear it or don’t wear it, fine, but don’t get rid of it) and suggested he give it to me to take it out and make him something new. He was game.

I’ve not gotten very far with this project. But check out the “before.” I’ll have an “after” in just a bit . . .

3 Responses to before

  1. Rachel says:

    Maybe it was the fact that it didn’t fit right that SAVED you from the boyfriend sweater curse!

    If the length is the biggest problem, you could fix that pretty easily, right? It could be fun to make something totally new, though. I like the look of the yarn a lot.

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