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first frogging of 08


I started a Koolhaas hat on January 1, but in the past few weeks I’ve barely touched it; I just didn’t like knitting it. Something about the frequency of the cable crossings didn’t ever let me get in the flow. In the meantime, every single last one of you has cranked out your own–oh, wait, no, you actually made at least two, sometimes three! I watched in awe and befuddlement.

frogging without fear

So I was right! I read about it on the Knitty boards, where someone provided the link to the Knitty issue of Techniques with Theresa that explained this awesome, awesome technique.

It was time consuming to put the stitches on the needle, but I used a needle one size smaller and that definitely helped. I was worried about splitting the stitches, but all told, when I pulled it out, only a few were split and it didn’t affect anything.

I hooked the yarn up to my ball winder and just turned and turned and turned it and when it got to the designated row, it stopped! And then I just started knitting! No frustrations, no risk of dropping a stitch. Yay for the online knitting community.