blanket mockup

Here’s a simulation using KnitPicks’s Crayon:

rainbow baby blanket

From Rachel and Jaax‘s positive experiences with Crayon, and the fact that it’s machine washable and comes in bright colors, I’ve decided I want to use this yarn. Oh, right, and it’s also dirt cheap. Unfortunately, it only comes in 8 colors. So I did two of the light blue. I felt the red would be too jarring.

The next problem is assessing the amount of yarn. A square 34 inches by 34 inches doesn’t seem horribly large, right—34’s about the circumference of a sweater . . . I guess I’d need 5 balls of the red? I’m completely unsure of how to calculate this. Is there some kind of trick—5.5 (sts per inch) x 34 . . . can I figure that out?

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  1. Rachel says:

    Bright colors for babies are in! I did a baby sweater in the red (here) and loved how it came out. My initial impression of all the colors was that they were a little “too bright,” but I totally changed my mind and am now ardently anti-pastel for babies. (Not that you’re proposing using pastels, I’m just saying I’ve come to love the bright colors.

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