daddy’s girl

I mentioned earlier that my dad nicely complained that the hat I made him last year (that I do not remember at all, and which I didn’t see while I was visiting over Xmas, so I have no idea what it was or when I actually made it) had gotten too big. So I got some sedate, slate blue Jo Sharp yarn and made him a new hat, working it in k2p2 with as few stitches as seemed safe to make it both tight and big enough.

He came up to Philly today and we went to brunch followed by a St. Joe’s basketball game at the Palestra. Dad went to St. Joe’s, and our family has always been big into college hoops. Amazingly, despite some crappy play, St. Joe’s won by 2 points–scoring those last 2 points with 2.2 seconds to go! The drama!

Here’s dad in his hat:

Dad in his new hat

He was thrilled with how snug it was, and he dutifully posed for me to take a picture. Yay for father-daughter bonding days.

Yarn: Jo Sharp DK Pure Wool
Color: blue-gray
Needles: Addi Turbo size 3, using Magic Loop
Time to complete: 4 hours (or so) on January 1
Specs: k2p2 rib on 112 stitches. Worked the decreases every 14 stitches (16-stitch batches) on first round so the decrease was more gradual.

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