luckily, you don’t have to talk to knit

I got a cold a week ago Tuesday, and I ended up with some major laryngitis. I started off 2006 sounding like a frog, and Monday I mostly communicated with air. I had to expell so much more air than usual to make even the slightest sound! It was exhausting.

Which is why it’s nice that you can just sit quietly when knitting. I made my dad a hat!

hat for dad

The color is definitely too washed out in this shot–it’s really much much darker. I know you can’t get a real sense of scale here, but it honestly looks really small. Still, I can put it on and it’s comfortably roomy, and dad told me that the last hat I made him eventually ended up feeling too big, so I wanted to err on the tight side. I’m going to surprise him with it; he made it pretty clear over Xmas that he’d like a new one, but I wouldn’t commit to a timeframe. I knit it completely in one afternoon, but as you can see I haven’t taken it off the needles, because I fear it’s not going to fit.

And since Dad’s coming to visit on Sunday (we’re going to a St. Joe’s basketball game, at the Palestra—his Xmas present from me), he’ll be able to try it on so I can know for sure whether it’s back to square one or if I can cut the yarn and sew it up. A soon-to-be FO, I hope!

3 Responses to luckily, you don’t have to talk to knit

  1. Rachel says:

    The best thing about laryngitis is that sexy Demi Moore voice you get as you get your voice back.

    I like the hat a lot! How sweet of you to make it for your dad.

  2. Laura says:

    That’s a wonderful hat! I hope it’s just right! :)

    My mother always says I sound like Debra Winger when I get laryngitis. Sort of makes me wish I always had it.

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