Part of my New Year’s resolution to dress more nicely means that I need to get my nice clothing into shape. For example, the hem on a simple black skirt that I really like has fallen, and I really need to fix it.

Now, I’m perfectly capable of sewing it back up. I can do a blind-stitch hem pretty well. But this involves clearing the desk in the guest room, setting up the sewing machine, the whole shebang. Isn’t there an easier way?? I asked. And then I realized there’s this double-sided fabric magic that will bond a hem with no seams to see or needles to thread. Just the ironing board and an iron. I can do that.

Since I live incredibly close to Fabric Row here in Philly, I went to my favorite notions and supplies store, Marmelstein’s. They told me what I want is called “Jiffy Fuse” and I should look in either of two different stores. (I probably should have been more embarrassed to ask for this product, especially ON Fabric Row.)

“Next Door” (the Philadelphia Fabric Outlet) only had large rolls for $5+ each, so they sent me to Zoll’s, which they said would have smaller rolls. (Impressive that two stores sent business elsewhere!) Zoll’s only had the same, large rolls, so I bought one there. Here it is:

Not very impressive, I know. But I’m excited to think how much easier getting my skirt into shape is going to be now that I have it!

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