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button, button, who’s got a button

Is that a quote from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? I think it every time I think of buttons. When they’re getting the full meal chewing gum made? Hm…

Anyway, in thinking about the Beatrix Potter buttons, I found a site with many options. I’ve decided to go with:


Part of my New Year’s resolution to dress more nicely means that I need to get my nice clothing into shape. For example, the hem on a simple black skirt that I really like has fallen, and I really need to fix it.

Now, I’m perfectly capable of sewing it back up. I can do a blind-stitch hem pretty well. But this involves clearing the desk in the guest room, setting up the sewing machine, the whole shebang. Isn’t there an easier way?? I asked. And then I realized there’s this double-sided fabric magic that will bond a hem with no seams to see or needles to thread. Just the ironing board and an iron. I can do that.

ball winder!

I used the promotion code (50% off a single item until June 1) to buy myself one of those mechanical ball winders. In the past, I’ve just gone over to Sophie’s Yarns and asked to use theirs, but I no longer live two blocks away.

I’m very excited about this, because for $30 I just got something that will save me so much time. Obviously, it’s not difficult to wind the yarn myself, but it’s such a chore to do. At knitting group last fall a friend was so excited to start knitting her first item, but the group of us told her she had to start by winding the hank into a ball. What a downer that was for her!