kiri: i need some help

Let me start my first real post about knitting Kiri with a little “uh, wow, harder than I thought” plug for lace. Despite all the warnings about not using Addi Turbos for lace, they’re all I have on hand, so I sat down and gave it a whirl. No. That will not work. It was beyond frustrating. I dug around and found some Clover size 4 circulars (16″ tho; not large enough), so I decided to try them. Not sharp enough.

So yesterday I traveled up to Loop, and found they have Crystal Palace bamboo needles. These points seem sharper than Clover, but the join between the cord and the needle leaves something to be desired. Still, it’s what they’ve got, and it works better than anything I have in the house already. Unsure as to whether I wanted size 4 or 6, I got both sizes.*

two kiri swatches

And now I’m stuck. The top swatch, on size 6s, has a nice openness. The lace feels airy, but it all might be too big. The bottom swatch, on size 4s, has a delicacy due to the smaller leaves. But the lace might be starting to feel too dense. Which should I do? Please help! (I don’t think size 5s would solve the problem, either–I like the tininess of the 4s and I like the openness of the 6s. I like them both for different reasons.)

Please ignore how badly I pinned it out and the errors I made. It’s my first real lace! Both swatches have errors, so I’ll be starting from square 1 either way.

Beacuse I can’t decide, I’m paralyzed. (Seriously: HELP!) I’ve started another pair of Pomatomus, these for my boyfriend’s mother for Christmas. (I’m never this ahead of the game for Xmas! But usually I don’t knit people gifts, either.) It’s in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, in navy. I thought the color was very bluefishy.

2nd pair

*The cords were so tightly coiled I had to do something to relax them. I used the method I’ve seen people mention on the Knitty boards: I boiled some water, poured it into a bowl, and carefully dipped the cord into the water. It takes just one dip for the thing to uncoil itself, then just a few more dips to get a perfectly straight, even cord. After each dip I pulled it out and held the cord taut to help it straighten. Yay!

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  1. candsmom says:

    That Peppermint color you’re using for Kiri is beautiful! I think either 4 or 6 would work well, depending on the look you want to achieve- more open and airy or a more dense fabric. The only other thing to consider would be that with size 4’s, you’d probably have to do more pattern repeats to achieve the shawl size you want than if you used 6’s. Those pattern repeats get verrrry long after 8 or 9 times, so depending on your patience level (mine is pretty low, as you can see, LOL!) you might prefer to go with the 6. Have you tried Inox needles? I used Addis with Kiri, but got frustrated with the dull points, too. I’m using Inox circs for my FBS and am really loving the pointy tips and snagless join. Can’t wait to see more Kiri pics! Take care! :-)

  2. Rachel says:

    It’s a little hard to tell from the pictures, but I think that I agree with Amy and like the more open lace better. (Actually, I’d probably go with 5s, but that’s just my compulsive need to compromise.)

    Good luck finding just the right needles!

  3. Jeri says:

    Another vote for 6’s. Though either would be lovely. A lotta help I am, huh? Are the needles different brands and is either easier to knit that lace-weight with?


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