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i’m back!

This weekend was the wedding for which I knit Kiri. We drove down to Lexington, Virginia, super-early on Saturday morning and just returned yesterday afternoon, after a whirlwind of work by us in the wedding party: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding planning, organizing centerpieces, carting tables, doing hair, seeking the groom’s lost car keys, etc. (The keys were found by a bridesmaid, after hours of concentrated searching all over the property the morning of the wedding day, in a trash bag from the rehearsal dinner. Everyone cheered!) The wedding was atop a mountain in the Blue Ridge mountains and was positively gorgeous—the weather was unparalleled.

kiri: the great slooowdown

I’ve hit 13 pattern repeats done, and now a single row of Kiri is taking what feels like an eternity. It’s not that I’m moving any slower, it’s just that my progress appears to be so much slower! Just . . . two . . . more . . . repeats!!! I can do it! I haven’t had the concentration to count all the stitches in a single row, or even to time it. I think in some way that I’m afraid to count and find out just how many are there–I don’t want to know!

A special note to Kara, my new reader who’s also a new knitter: Welcome to the world of knitting! I hope you start a blog so that we can all see your progress from novice to expert. I get so much enjoyment out of knitting, I’m always thrilled when people learn. Enjoy!

kiri: an update

Don’t fret about me! I’m coping well with my Kiri “disaster.” I decided to start over, and I’m incredibly happy I did. I’m using size 5 Addi Turbos (the compromise size, Rachel!) and they are like working with butter–and not in a bad way. I’m having no trouble with pointiness or lack thereof (k2togs aren’t a struggle at all), and the join is completely nonexistent. I’m racing through, and I’m well over halfway finished. I’ve got 10 pattern repeats done; I’m planning on doing 15. (Previously, on size 6s, I did 11 repeats, so I’m going to assess at 15 and not a repeat sooner.) I’ll be working away on it this week and expect to have it finished by the weekend.

kiri: hate!

This is one of those quirks that I’ve picked up recently, and I suspect I got it mostly from TWOP; it’s taken over the office as well. When your hatred bubbles up so violently, you merely say: “Haaaate!” And that’s how I’m feeling about my technically finished Kiri.