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sunrise circle #2: officially done!

Mom and dad were here this weekend, and mom decided to go with a single button (which others in the knitalong have done, to great success) and very little overlap, though she could have. She picked the button placement, and I sewed it on then and there. It’s now in Maryland with her, no longer my responsibility. Unfortunately, temps are pushing 90 so she will have little to no opportunity to swath herself in wool in the near future. Still, it’s done!

i’m back!

This weekend was the wedding for which I knit Kiri. We drove down to Lexington, Virginia, super-early on Saturday morning and just returned yesterday afternoon, after a whirlwind of work by us in the wedding party: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding planning, organizing centerpieces, carting tables, doing hair, seeking the groom’s lost car keys, etc. (The keys were found by a bridesmaid, after hours of concentrated searching all over the property the morning of the wedding day, in a trash bag from the rehearsal dinner. Everyone cheered!) The wedding was atop a mountain in the Blue Ridge mountains and was positively gorgeous—the weather was unparalleled.

from here to there

My daily commute is a whopping 1-mile walk. If I do the Gmap Pedometer (play with it, it’s fun!), it comes out to 1.03 miles, guesstimating from door to door. I walk with a coworker friend, who lives nearby, and we chit chat for the 15–20 minutes it takes. Needless to say, it would be impossible to get anything else done during this time.