sunrise circle #2: officially done!

Mom and dad were here this weekend, and mom decided to go with a single button (which others in the knitalong have done, to great success) and very little overlap, though she could have. She picked the button placement, and I sewed it on then and there. It’s now in Maryland with her, no longer my responsibility. Unfortunately, temps are pushing 90 so she will have little to no opportunity to swath herself in wool in the near future. Still, it’s done!

mom in her sunrise circle

She twirled around and swished her ass to show off the back of the jacket, presumably, so I snapped a shot of that, too.

mom in her sunrise circle

The light was a little glaring but I just couldn’t make her step into the 95+ heat for the sake of the little blog!

Dad posed in his socks first, and without prompting did some fashionable front and back shots, but I turned off the flash and they were sadly dark and out of focus. The first shot, with the flash on, wasn’t nearly so styling.

dad in his socks

P.S. Thanks for all the compliments on the socks for dad! You have probably already noticed that I’m a wee bit of a perfectionist, so there was no way I was going to let that single stitch be wrong! Oh, and the socks are a tiny bit too long—maybe 1/4 inch or so—and dad decided they were fine as is. If they bug him, I can still go back and fix ’em.

7 Responses to sunrise circle #2: officially done!

  1. goodkarma says:

    What happy, lucky parents! Both finished products look fantastic. You must be so relieved that mom’s sunrise circle jacket fits well and is finished, eh? :)

  2. Meg says:

    I’m sure the conversation in the car as they went home was along the lines of “What did we do to deserve such a wonderful daughter?!”

  3. Laura says:

    Your mother looks so happy. The one-button treatment is much better than te original design. It really looks like a circle now!

    Congrats on finishing again.

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