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left-leaning radical

Now that I’m redoing the Sunrise, I’ve decided to work on all the little things that could have been done better the first time around. I’m also being as OCD as humanly possible—I’ve already taken part of the sleeve out once! (I forgot which M1 was R and which was L, but went ahead without checking, and turned out to have had them backward. This would have meant nothing in the grand scheme, but I wanted it to be right. My boyfriend gave me an intense ironic face and said “this is for your mother. are you going to settle?” :) ). So anyway, fixing the k2togtbls is a high priority, because they’re all fat and ugly in the original (look along the right shoulder of the jacket, to the left in the photo, here)—it’s a constant problem for me all the time with those ssk/k2togtbl decreases.

I knit up a swatch, and here it is:

sunrise: movement

ThereĆ¢’s been some movement on the redo of the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I considered carefully the persistent sage advice of Rachel, who emailed me more than once to encourage me to simply buy new yarn and start fresh rather than take it out. It might seem as if I’m making a joke (ha! this was advice I had to consider!), but I’m really not—I thought for a while about this. Buying new yarn wasn’t going to break the bank—just 9 hanks of Wool of the Andes is $16—and it would be a whole lot easier—but it seemed wasteful somehow, so I didn’t go out and buy new yarn right away.

weekend wrapup. it’s not all pretty.

I mentioned in my last post that my boyfriend and I drove down to Maryland for a brief visit this weekend. Ostensibly we were going to the retirement party of our old high school track coach, but we managed to squeeze in a baby shower for a friend and some quality time with each of our families. (Yes, the boy and I went to high school together, though we were not technically a couple in high school; this is our 10th year together.)