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eye candy friday


Perhaps the most self-indulgent eye candy friday of all, but it actually has some knitting content, and most eye candys don’t. Check it out: My mom knit the sweater I’m wearing! Yes, this is a photo of me. It was my own idea to push up the cuffs so high, she tells me (I have zero recollection of this). I’m about 4 1/2 years old here; the photo was taken–or rather, developed–in July 1982. I just love the colors in this shot.

eye candy friday


Thanks for all the Leyburn love! The recipient was thrilled, and she is as excited as I am that others want to make the socks as well. Those of you who’ve encouraged me to submit some patterns have definitely got me thinking; this means I can’t show you what’s on the needles right now (and is practically an FO), so I ought to get knittin’ on something else in the meantime that I can show. But today is Eye Candy Friday. A Project Spectrum-worthy entry, too! I took these last Saturday, when the weather was starting to get warm and feel like spring. Tamar and I ate lunch in the park and took a long walk; it was one of those excellent New York afternoons.


I’m going to just go ahead and post my Project Spectrum post for July now, even though the month is only half over. Because there’s no way I’m going to discover any purple or even knit with it. It’s not that I dislike purple, don’t get me wrong. It’s a perfectly nice color. But I’ve discovered that it’s practically nonexistent in my life.