I’m going to just go ahead and post my Project Spectrum post for July now, even though the month is only half over. Because there’s no way I’m going to discover any purple or even knit with it. It’s not that I dislike purple, don’t get me wrong. It’s a perfectly nice color. But I’ve discovered that it’s practically nonexistent in my life.

I’m sitting here on our first floor, a long room that is living room, dining room, and kitchen. This is our primary living space. I spend probably 99% of my waking at-home time in this space. I’m looking around . . . looking . . . no. No purple. Wait! the spine of that Moosewood Cookbook is purple (New Classics). I never realized that this color was so absent for me.

So I looked through all my old photos. I had to go back to my trip to Taiwan from more than a year ago, to a trip to New York in April, and my time down the shore last summer.

Sorry purple. I tried!

(I love love love my photo of the table of amethysts; this was in the Jade Market in Taipei. You can pick a size/shape of stone and tell them you want a strand of whatever length and they’ll make it for you. I took another photo of pearls all layed out like that, too. See that photo here.)

2 Responses to purple

  1. Rachel says:

    Huh. I am also realizing that if I look around my large (living room dining room study) space, I see absolutely no purple whatsoever. And I actually like the color well enough. I guess just not for interior decorating.

    You did come up with some nice purple photos, though!

  2. amethystlady2 says:

    Seriously? I can’t imagine having no purple at all…aside from it being my birthstone, it has been my favorite top A-one color since I was a teenager, more years ago than I care to say…lol…well, ok, about 60 years ago…purple…I would make everything purple if I could!

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