kiri: a needle plan

First off, a big thank you to everyone for the praise and kind words you had for my Sunrise Circle Jacket! Random funny: The cost of the buttons came to about 1/3 the cost of the yarn. Seriously.

Next, more thanks to all who weighed in on the needle size for Kiri. 6 seems to be the resounding favorite–tho I was happy to see that the 4s got at least some votes (via email & on the Knitty board), since I did like the look on 4s a lot too. Going with 6s will, as Candsmom pointed out, mean the whole thing will go faster! Never a bad thing. I need to get my brain in gear to go at the lace again; I’ve been happily Pomatomus-ing in the meantime.

Random bummer: The pretty stitch markers I bought are too small to be used comfortably on size 6s! It’s so not a big deal, but still. :)

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