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I went to the eye doctor today; I cast on for the back of the Sunrise Circle Jacket once I got there. I managed about 6 rows before being called. (Turns out my prescription’s changing in both eyes, and the final combination he came up with for each eye make me realize just how out of date my current prescription is.)

While waiting for my eyes to dilate, I continued to knit. This became increasingly difficult as my pupils got larger and larger and it became more and more hard to focus on anything. My head was kind of spinning with all the light and discomfort, so I would just shut my eyes for stitches on end. Until I dropped a stitch.

I realized it right away, but when I went to pick it up and fix it, I couldn’t really find the stitch (since I couldn’t focus on it) and it ended up dropping one more row down. I kept shaking my head, muttering to myself that I could do this, and through mostly touch and a little bit of sight I managed to fix it. Normally, fixing stitches is no big whoop–I am completely comfortable with it. But with my compromised vision I could hardly tell if the stitch was on the needle backward, if it was split, and how many more rows I had to work up! I was silently laughing at myself the whole time. I stopped knitting after that; I was past the hem fold but not quite ready to sew up the hem.

My doctor passed twice while I was knitting (both times when I was knitting along just fine) and the first time he passed, he declared, “Wow, you’re CRUISING!” and the second time he said “You really are very fast.” :)

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  1. Karen says:

    Yikes, I can’t even imagine knitting with dilated eyes!!!! I’m glad you managed to get the dropped stitch fixed. Are you having fun knitting the jacket? I’m started with the back and I’m slow – but it’s fun!!!

  2. Rachel says:

    You know, I sit here reading it saying, “Why didn’t she just stop knitting,” but then I realized I would have done the exact same thing. Sometime when we serious knitters get going it would take a lot more than compromised vision to get us to stop!

    Enjoy your new prescription!

  3. goodkarma says:

    Oh, yeah, I can relate to this story. I knit at my last eye appointment, too, cause I had to wait for my hubby to pick me up. La la la, knitting with whack eyes. Anyway, I hope you find the lost stitch easily and I hope you love your new prescription. That’s happened to me, too, and it’s fabulous when you have contacts/glasses that work for you again! :)

  4. jacqueline says:

    i have no idea how you managed to pick up the stitch! you truely are a knitting goddess.

    i’m looking forward to seeing your progress on the sunrise jacket. it is such a fascinating pattern

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