sunrise circle: pieces are done!

I finished knitting the back while we watched a movie last night (40-Year-Old Virgin; we actually felt Wedding Crashers was better). I just lightly steam-blocked all the pieces.

sunrise circle jacket pieces

With the perspective the way it is, the one arm/front piece looks a lot smaller than the other–but in fact, they are identical, don’t worry!

I think that sewing down the hem on the circular pieces would be hell if it hadn’t been blocked already.

I’ve followed the pattern perfectly, and I’m a little concerned about the back. I think that Kate’s suggestion to make it wider might have been good. Also, when I line up the side of the back with the side of the front, the side of the front is a lot longer. It can be stretched a bit to fake it out, and I can block it to match, but I wonder if it might not just be better to add a few rows between the darts. I won’t really know until I put it all together—the pattern even implies there will be some lack of matching up.

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  1. knitannie says:

    Hi MintyFresh. I just got my KnitPicks wool of the Andes tonight, to my Sunrise. I’m so excited I can’t wait to start. My gauge swatch is dead on for the stitch count but the row count is slightly less (i.e. I have 25 rows where the pattern calls for 28. Just wondering if you had the same and if you made any adjustments to the pattern to accomodate?

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