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KnitAnnie asked me about my row gauge for the Sunrise Circle Jacket. Annie, your email isn’t bundled in with your comment, and I didn’t see it on your own blog, but anyway, the info might be of use to others who plan to use KnitPicks’s Wool of the Andes.

Or maybe it won’t help at all. Annie reports that she gets 25 rows to 4 inches when the pattern calls for 28. I checked on my jacket, and I get exactly 28 rows. The swatch that I knit up (which I took out, sorry!) gave me 14 rows to 2 inches (that’s how lazy a swatcher I am, I couldn’t go the full 4 inches) on size 7 needles, which is why I took out the swatch with nary a care.

So even though I’m measuring my gauge on a blocked work, I will definitely say that the piece didn’t grow vertically when I blocked it; it mostly flattened.

I’m sorry that I’m essentially of no help.

But: Wool of the Andes felts up super quick, which means no sewing in of ends at ball changes! Spit-felt those babies! (scroll down to “felted join.”) That’s helpful, right? Does it make it ok that your row gauge was different from mine? (Please say yes.)

I think you will be ok, though–your jacket will be perhaps a tad longer, with slightly larger circles. I guess you could leave off the last few rows of increases and skip right to the hem on the fronts, but then you’d have to fudge the back to make sure the sides basically matched. (Note that even with dead-on row gauge, the sides of my circles and the sides of the back were not a row-for-row match. There was a wee bit of fudging.) Might not be worth the trouble.

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  1. knitannie says:

    Thanks, I’m lazy too because my gauge swatch was only about an 2 inches long when I asked the question. I was also knitting with straights so the gauge might alter slightly on the ACTUAL needles I will be using (circs). Think I’ll just knit to the pattern and see how it goes. Thanks for the link to spit felt. Will give it a try. My email is knitannie AT gmail DOT com

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