kiri: off the needles

I’m apparently a faster knitter than even I thought, because, um:

kiri shawl, unblocked

I finished knitting my Kiri tonight. (Still have to block it, obviously.) I started knitting it a week ago today.

Last night, after posting my progress, while my boyfriend and I were watching the Final Four, he asked me how much longer the shawl was going to take me. I’d timed some rows, and purl rows were taking about 10 minutes and knit rows were taking 8. I estimated I’d need to do 4 more pattern repeats, at 10 rows a repeat, and approximately 10 minutes a row, with each row getting increasingly longer, and thus I’d have about 400+ more minutes of knitting, at least. That would have meant at least 7 more hours of knitting, but who knew how long the last pattern repeat and the edging would take!

I estimated I’d be finished by next weekend. How naive I was. I completely neglected the few hours while watching basketball last night, and any hours I might spend on it today. And I spent quite a few hours on it today; the boy had some work to do so I knit before and after yoga, and while we did laundry, etc.

kiri leaves, unblocked

I decided, in the end, to do only 11 pattern repeats. It looks as if, when blocked, it will come just down to my waist, which is the length I want–no longer.

I cast off using a size 10 needle, hoping that it would be more than loose enough, and I don’t know that it was the best I could have done–it seems a bit taut. I’ll make do; if it has to, the scalloped edge won’t be all that scalloped. I’m not going to take that out and try it again.

My only pins for blocking aren’t going to be sturdy enough, I don’t think, so tomorrow I’ll head to Sophie’s to see what’s available there. Hopefully I’ll be able to take finished, modeled photos this weekend! More details when it’s all said and done.

kiri leaves, unblocked

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5 Responses to kiri: off the needles

  1. Rachel says:

    Holy cabooses! I didn’t even get a chance to comment on your progress post (great post, by the way) before you’d put up the finished object! That was some serious knitting. It looks fantastic! Beautiful photographs, too. I hope you’ll model it for your blog readers once it’s blocked.

  2. knitannie says:

    You’re amazing! I wish I could knit that fast and that i had that much knitting time in a weekend. Ah the life of an unmarried, unchildrened person….

  3. Laura says:

    WOW! That was fast. I can’t wait to see it blocked and modeled. You are inspiring me to work on my Adamas. I’m having issues with it though — for mysterious reasons, I’m frequently ending up with extra stitches. I’m about to give up on it for now and try Kiri instead. You and Chris both had such good luck with it!

  4. Dipsy says:

    Hi from Austria! Your Kiri has turned out so beautiful, it’s a true piece of art and you sure did an amazing job with it! Looking forward to seeing it after blocking and modeled by you!

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