worldwide knit in public day

Yesterday was Worldwide Knit in Public Day, as many of you know. I’m not friends with any knitters in Philly, so I innocently suggested a picnic for me, the boy, and a friend. They humored me, and besides, who would turn down a picnic on a day like yesterday? Despite the wind, it was beautiful.

So at 1pm, after yoga, we picked up the boy and walked over to Whole Foods, where we loaded up on sandwiches, salads, and absolutely perfect berries (straw- and black-). We made our way to the western side of the city, plopped down on the eastern side of Rittenhouse Square, and dug in. I was feeling sheepish and didn’t want to pull out my knitting until I saw someone else working on a project. Then I found one!

a stranger knits in public

So I joined in.

knitting in public

I knit for a while on the second sock of my Amazing Lace socks, while my friends made fun of me. Eventually they were too tired to continue the ridicule, and normal conversation resumed. By then I was tired, too, so we all left to get some coffee.

In all, I didn’t knit for very long, and I kind of wish I’d walked around, looking for knitters, but I’m still happy I did what little I did. I will say that I wish I’d been sitting on a bench—it’s not comfortable to knit while sitting cross-legged on the ground. Maybe there’s a reason I mostly knit while sitting on the couch!

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  1. larissa says:

    It’s great that you made the commitment – all I managed on Saturday was my usual knitting effort whilst hanging out at the laundromat. It was remarkably busy, so I guess it was especially public.

  2. Tamar says:

    jealous? no.
    amused? yes.
    and i would bet that the reason you like the couch has more to do with the television (umm… and buffy) than knitting strategy.
    seriously though, saturday was fun, and i got to think about the pigeon man ALL WEEKEND!!

  3. knitting ajour says:

    Hi, From the Netherlands: I would like to thank you for designing the Zokni Socks!

    And write it down and give it away as a free pattern!

    I’m also in The Socktoberfest, and maybe (when I will find the correct (bright and solid) yarn, I will start yours. Or maybe later.
    Anyway: thanks and hope to see more of you!

  4. Marjie says:

    I love your sock pattern, but what happens when you need size 10 or 12 for a lady? Is it possible to just make the sock longer?


  5. Betty in Texas says:

    wow! that aMAZing lace pattern! I have a shawl OTN using that pattern – I so cannot talk and knit it at the same time.. I have to do the 10 pattern rows with no interruptions or disaster strikes. did some frogging about 1/3 way thru. it was not a pretty sight. congrats for getting out in public to knit, you brave soul. good thing you had friends with you.

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