if I were to cast off my lace right now . . .

I’d, uh, well, actually, um, I’d have a pair of socks. Anastasia Socks, that is.

Anastasia SocksAnastasia SocksAnastasia Socks

When the Amazing Lace administrators posted asking us to come up with what our projects would be if cast off right then, the only thing I had left to do with these socks was decide on a cast-off.

So I did, and used the oft-recommended Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn cast-off. Conveniently, Knitty just came out with directions, so you can easily find directions to do it yourself. I had never used it before, but I’m convinced: It, quite simply, rocks. Stretchy, easy, looks good—awesome.

These socks, as I’ve said, are intended as a Christmas present for the boy’s eldest sister, whose middle name is Anastasia. But I’m also a huge Anastasia Krupnik fan, so they’re also an homage to that brilliant children’s series of books. The socks are also my first completed pair for the official Summer of Socks (though for my personal summer of socks they’re pair #3).

The pattern for these bad boys is available via an emailed pdf. E-mail me (mintyfreshflavor AT gmail), and I’ll send it to you! (It’s ready!) Specify the pattern name (or describe the socks) so I don’t send you the Zokni pattern by mistake!

Some additional down ‘n’ dirty details:
Yarn: Koigu KPPM
Skeins: 2
Needles: 2.5 mm Addi Turbos
Started: Wednesday, June 21
Finished: Wednesday, July 5 (? I think. I can’t remember at all. It was last week.)
Basic details: Toe-up socks using a short-row heel. I mirrored the pattern so that the two coordinated but weren’t exact matches.

I’d hoped to cast all of my Amazing Lace posts as Amazing Race posts, as I’ve done before, but I’m sorry, I just lost some steam and it didn’t make much sense with either this challenge or the poetry one (which, you’ll notice, I opted out of!). So in the end I couldn’t keep it up the whole time, which is too bad because they were fun to write.

16 Responses to if I were to cast off my lace right now . . .

  1. sgeddes says:

    Wonderful socks! I have to say I want that pattern too. I’ve been trying to decide what pattern to use a couple of skeins of koigu on and now I know!

  2. Karen says:

    I’m becoming your little pattern groupie!! :) I just finished the Lace Headband yesterday. I’m going to e-mail you now for this pattern too. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  3. Ashley says:

    I would knit anything in the world named after Anastasia Krupnik, even if it was hideously ugly. Luckily, your socks are quite beautiful, and I have just the ‘gu for them. I would love to have the pattern!

  4. Kelly says:

    I love your socks and would really like the pattern. I have some sock yarn that was sent to me a while back and I’ve been looking for just the right pattern this looks that it would be great. I tried sending you an email but for some reason it wouldn’t go through. My email is thegabbyknitter at cox.net

  5. Rachel says:

    This is pretty much what happened to me, too, with this challenge. I posted it and then realized that if I cast on right then I’d basically have a finished shawl with a little notch at the neck. Which didn’t seem sufficiently different from what it actually is. Oh well.

    Nice socks!

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