look who I met!

Back when I was first starting my blog, I contacted a blogger I’d been reading for a while, to ask her a couple of questions. Rachel of Lickety Knit was the first blogger I ever made a comment for, and she was my first non-real-life-friend commenter! And this week I got to meet her in person!

Minty & Rachel

She was in NYC for some meetings, and I was free for lunch, so we had some yummy Thai food with a generous side of great conversation. After the initial shock and novelty of meeting in person faded, we settled into simply catching up–and I felt as if I were with an old friend. My only surprise was her voice, which was lower than I’d expected, though I can’t say why I expected a certain tone at all.

Bad bloggers that we are, neither of us had our camera with us. Neither of us had knitting with us, either! Luckily, I just got a new phone, complete with built-in camera, so I was able to capture the moment. We took some time to be completely silly:

Minty & Rachel

And in more silliness, it took me until today to figure out how the heck to get the photo out of my phone and into my computer. I wanted to do it for free, and I finally did it! It’s not crazy brain science, it’s Verizon’s little “PIX Place” feature. Anyway, it ultimately was easy once I understood how it would operate.

It’s been a long week, or I would try to say more or be more witty. Instead, I will shamefacedly settle for sincerity. Thanks for a great lunch, Rachel–we’ll have to do it again!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Aww, I’m totally touched by your post. I had no idea I was the first blog you ever commented on. I have just determined that the comment to which you refer was made on August 1, 2005. That can be our anniversary. :)

    Meeting you was, as you describe, a total trip followed by a conversation that was incredibly relaxed given that we’d never actually met before (I kind of kept forgetting that that was the case). It won’t be the last time, either — I’ll be in touch next time I’m in NYC. Especially now that I have a “MintyFresh” entry in my cell phone contacts.

  2. Julia says:

    Oh Fun! I have that same thing about meeting people for real, and their voices being differant, even though I thought I had no expectation of it. Weird.

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