10 unknowns

Rachel just posted her 10 knitterly things, and it jogged my memory–I’ve been pondering this one for weeks now. Mine is a potentially offensive list. Please don’t take it all personally, they’re all just my opinions, and they’re things I generally keep to myself. But this is the forum to air them out. So without further ado:

  1. I do not find Clapotis attractive or interesting in the slightest.
  2. I can’t stand variegated yarn with many colors, because I think the pooling is butt-ugly. (Mottled color is A-OK.)
  3. I can’t imagine ever trying my hand at spinning. I’m uninterested. I feel guilt about this, though. It’s like, I’m a knitter, I should be interested in the whole process, the way the fiber gets to me all plied and whatnot. But I’m not intrigued at all by roving or spinning. I’ve read enough to understand it, and that’s enough.
  4. Lest you think I’m all negativity and knitting-monogomous, I desperately want to weave.
  5. Back to cranky revelations: I’m not all that excited by yarn. There are beautiful yarns, there are yummy yarns to pet, but I don’t go into a yarn store and become enraptured with it all. I’m pretty much a “I’m going to make this, so I need to buy that” kind of girl. I appreciate yarn greatly, but I don’t covet it. In the past I’ve bought yarn with no purpose, and it’s still sitting around. My goal this coming year is to use it all up and attempt a relatively stashless life.
  6. Except for sock yarn, which I find satisfying in a completely different way. Not variegateds, though (see above). There’s something about small-gauge yarn that I love.
  7. Despite the fact that I’ve been knitting for years and years and consider myself a very good knitter, I don’t have all that much to show for it. I’ve knit hats for everyone I know, it seems, and started countless sweaters that have never been finished (or were worn once). I wish I had an impressive sweater/handcrafted objects section of my closet.
  8. I am completely unintimidated by knitting. No pattern ever seems too hard. I applaud other knitters who seem to have a similar perspective–the ones who learn to knit one day, make a scarf, and then immediately cast on for something more complicated.
  9. I could spend an entire weekend sitting on the couch watching TV/movies and knitting, with no venturing outdoors, and be perfectly happy. In fact, I’ve done this before. But it’s embarrassing, because I think I should be doing other things and seeming like a productive member of society or something.
  10. I would love for everyone in the world to know how to knit! I’ve taught countless numbers of friends and acquaintences, because I hope that some of them will get the kind of joy and satisfaction out of it that I do. For some it sticks, for others it doesn’t, and that’s ok; at least they’ve got the framework to find out.

14 Responses to 10 unknowns

  1. Kris says:

    For as long as I have knitted, I have made very little for myself, unfortunately.

    I am never quite sure what intimidates some about knitting. Take 2 sticks wave them around with some string and shazam, ya got something. more or less.

  2. Ashley says:

    Can we form a Society Against Clapotises? Because….yeah. No. Never liked it, never will. Although I would like to have a whole big scarf made out of Lion and Lamb someday.

  3. Specs says:

    Hi Minty! (I can’t remember if I’ve commented on your blog before, so if not, then hi!)

    I’m with you on the variegated yarns. With very few exceptions I think garments made from them are hideous and garish.

    Also with you on #8, although this means that I have a few FOs that are less than perfect because I was learning a new and (as I later found out) “difficult” technique.

    And yes, #9. Unfortunately, being a grad student I frequently spend entire weekends indoors, but it’s never knitting. This depresses me.

  4. Jessica says:

    I’m totally with you on #9 although I do have times when I feel just the opposite. There is something to be said for the comfort of one’s own home.

  5. maryse says:

    ha! i love the clapotis. i’m obsessed with yarn and buy yarn without projects in mind. and many of those yarns are variegated. but like you, i love sitting at home knitting (or spinning) watching tv. and feel guilty for it because i feel as if i should be a productive member of society. oh well, if we were all the same, that wouldn’t be any fun either, now would it.

  6. MeBeth says:

    I tried to spin and, honestly, it did nothing for me. If you ever want to try just let me know, I have a slightly used spindle and a bit of roving to give away. Thank goodness I only made a $15 investment in the whole project.

  7. knitannie says:

    I hear you on the highly variegated and the spinning.
    Weaving huh? I’d like to see that. Personally I’ve never seen the draw but I could be swayed.
    Thanks for the NY comment. If we come to the big city, I’m definitely up for coffee.

  8. Rachel says:

    We match much better on this meme than on your last one. I agree with you on almost everything, although sometimes we differ in intensity. Totally baffled by the Clapotis craze, though I generally think it’s inoffensive (although I bet dropping stitches down is kind of fun in and of itself).

  9. Jackie says:

    Wow, thank you for speaking up for the unrepresented masses out here. Now I can affirm without fear: I too am baffled by Clapotis mania! I too find variegated yarns butt-ugly! And I too have no desire whatsoever to spin!

    Thanks for that — very cathartic. :)

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