ear candy friday

I think the sounds of New York are just as compelling as the sights. Here’s the jumble of sounds from my wait on the subway platform last night. I can’t get the plugin to work for uploading a video myself, so please click here and watch my very first YouTube upload!

4 Responses to ear candy friday

  1. Ashley says:

    Sigh. The sound of Grand Rapids is….silence. I’d make a video, but all you’d be able to hear is a clock ticking. (Seriously–ground floor apt on a fairly major street, and that’s all I’ve got.)

  2. laura says:

    that is so very cool. when i was young, i wanted more than anything to live in nyc. it never happened for me (and i doubt it ever will, but i guess you never know), so i appreciate being able to live vicariously through you! i love the life in nyc posts! bring ’em on!

    ps. almost done with the sewn bind-off on the anastasias. :)

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