or dodecahedronical. (But since each piece is built off a pentagon, I’ve been thinking “pentagonical” for the past week.) This is in opposition to the “hexagonical” time I had with the skirt.

366.19 • and now for something fun (by mintyfreshflavor)

First FO of 2008!
Knit Picks Crayon, in blue and in green
Needles: US size 4 (3.5 mm)
Started: Saturday, Jan 12
Finished: Saturday, Jan 19
Notes: The pattern would make a much larger tree topper, but I wanted it baby-ish-sized (intending to give as a gift), so the base of each point is just 25 stitches. Also, the rate of decreasing would have made a much more rounded shape, and I wanted mine to come out on the pointy side, so I knit 6 rounds between decreases–and only decreased twice (once in the middle and on the last round). I cast on with blue, knit 1 round in blue, and then switched to 2 rounds green, 2 rounds blue.

Would I knit this again? I already am! Stay tuned for a new color combo . . .

Edited to Add (on March 25): Thanks to those who’ve come here via Whipup! To see the second toy, which was not a dodecahedron at all, go here.

11 Responses to pentagonical

  1. Julie says:

    dodecahedron is one of my favorite words! :)

    how does this stay, like, 3-D? It looks like it’s being supported by some kind of understructure. Or does it squish?

    I’m fascinated by this project. And congrats on finishing this so well and so quickly!

  2. Rachel says:

    Do you still like Knitpicks Crayon? I seem to recall you ordered some at some point around the time I was raving about it on my blog for baby stuff. I still think it feels really nice, and I bet it makes this toy very soft and sweet.

    (By the way, it also makes good hat linings.)

  3. MaryjoO says:

    Hello — I found you via Whip Up! I’m doing this in crochet first (for a monthly challenge) and have just started the crochet. I may come back to you for help when I try the knitted version~! What did you stuff yours with?

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