knit, purl, what’s up?

No trip to Philly is complete without a visit with my peeps, and when that visit expands from what you think will be a short but nice afternoon of knitting into pretty much the entire day knitting, laughing, and drinking, well, it’s been a good weekend.

we spent 9 hours together today (by mintyfreshflavor)

Megan (on the far right) is of course the originator of the “whelmed” face, and after 9 hours together, it seems it had rubbed off on everyone–Specs on the left, Jennie in the middle. You can’t really tell, but Jennie’s fabulous boyfriend D is standing behind her. Not pictured here is Megan’s own M, who joined us at the bar for dinner, but who is standing near me with their camera.

Jennie and D graciously let us overtake their adorable and cozy house, where we sat at their giant table—and some knitting actually happened. Last week was crazy busy for me, with a friend staying with me and plenty of work, so at about 1 am on Saturday morning I wound a ball of sock yarn and threw what I hoped would be appropriate needles, a measuring tape, and a photocopy of a stitch pattern (go me and my own personal copier!) in my bag. I’m doing a sock swap as part of Sit ‘n’ Knit New York, and as you know, if you don’t start the pair as soon as you can, you’re doomed.

I knit socks sometimes (by mintyfreshflavor)

This fabulous yarn, because I know you’re about to ask, is Neighborhood Fiber Company yarn, which I bought at Stitches East (Olga, I believe you found me right around then!). I can’t say much more about what I’m knitting, so as not to give away too much in case the person I am knitting for reads here, but I’m making up the pattern myself, and I’m quite enjoying it so far.

Once the hunger potential reached a specific level, we all went to the bar on the corner and debated politics, gender identity, knitting, blogging, and, really, the state of the world until midnight. The time just flew by! Can’t wait for my next trip down.

12 Responses to knit, purl, what’s up?

  1. jennie says:

    We had a wonderful time too! Hopefully to be repeated soon (megan and I are still talking a fieldtrip up to Purl). Thanks for lunch the next day–that was a seriously good burger ;)

  2. nova says:

    I saw the first shot in flickr, and seeing it again here, there is something about this picture that I really like. The faces, the general composition, the lighting. It’s a really great shot.

  3. pamela wynne says:

    so jealous!

    Also, I was 31 posts behind on your blog (I know!), and as I scrolled down? I noticed that there is a lot of me, and a LOT of food. Nice!

    (Hey, remember that time when we had that cookie party? Yeah, that was pretty awesome.)

  4. Olga says:

    Minty, found you is a soft way to put it, I think I was so excited, I jumped you pretty much!
    Anytime you need NFC, just ask, I am actually logistic part of Karida’s company right now.
    I want a meet up again as well! Can’t see them finished, doll!

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