14 Responses to eye candy friday

  1. Monika says:

    I love nature stuff, but food, yum. I’m a trea drinker, and this looks sooooo inviting, double yum.
    BTW, my pears, those suckers are still too hard to eat. I tried one yesterday, but got only half through. ;o)

  2. maryse says:

    i’m not a regular tea drinker but i have done the high tea thing and it’s so wonderfully fun and “grown-up.” is that half of a madeleine i spy? i love madeleines.

  3. AlisonH says:

    Beautiful, beautiful photos, and my goodness do I ever want to go on a sudden baking spree after seeing those! And gardening, too.

    And if the flowers stain your hands, as I learned recently with my amaryllises, they make good dyes for protein-fiber yarns…

  4. Judy in MN says:

    OK, is it just me? Or is anyone else getting a giggle out of the fine china, exquisite tray of delights, and plastic Glad container (~50 cents each) containing butter (I think it’s butter). :)

    I’ve never experienced high tea (or much of anything other than dunking a teabag in a coffee mug for that matter), but it looks delightful!

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