2008 revisited

Hey, it’s still January, a perfectly acceptable time to look back at 2008. In my personal life, 2008 was HUGE—and positive. And now that I’m looking at it, it was a pretty darn big year for me for knitting! I produced more sweaters than ever, more “big” projects, more well-fitting projects, and just plain old more projects than ever.

finished in 09 (by mintyfreshflavor)

I’m overall really pleased with everything. The Drops cardigan is perhaps my least favorite of the garments. It has a swingy shape that is not what I wanted, and the yarn is so so so so scratchy. But hitting on the idea of doing a clone shot as an FO shot? Well that certainly was inspired.

My favorite? Probably the Swirled Pentagon Pullover. I wear it all the time and have been told more than once that it looks like something I purchased. And we all know there’s, sadly, no better compliment to a handknit, right?

There are some other knits that don’t appear here. Some were finished but are awaiting true debuts (like the next Mintyfresh original pattern!), and some are totally unfinished and no one even knows about them. Coraline? I totally knit like 90% of that. When I get back to the States I think I’ll need to round up all the UFOs and srsly think about next steps.

But let’s not dwell on the abandoned projects! Let’s look ahead to 2009! I want more sweaters, more actual garments. Less tiny things—I always do so many tiny things. Those last-minute tiny things that I cranked out for Christmas (also on tap for 2009: Not knitting anyone Xmas gifts) upped my numbers, though, so I can call 2008 my most productive year ever (SIX more projects than last year!).

Here’s to great things in 2009, for all of us!

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  1. Tam says:

    But little projects are so cute, and you need them… like a coffee break after sitting at a desk all day. And you can update your blog more often when you finish all those little things!

    Of course, you don’t need to knit Christmas presents. lol. Maybe you could hand out some yarn and dpn’s and they could all make themselves a hat. Ü

    The swirled pentagon sweater’s my favorite out of all the pictures there, too. Crikey, what a productive year! Can’t wait to see what you pull off this year.

  2. mai says:

    2008 WAS a totally great year for you. things seem so much better now that the job from hell is a thing of the past :)

    i really love your swirled pentagon pullover. i plan to make the same sweater for my mom using the same yarn you used! hi, copycat :) i can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2009.

  3. Laura says:

    So many lovely things, big and little! And I think ALL the pictures are inspired.

    You and I have a similar goal for 2009. I also want to make more garments, especially sweaters. I am going to try to finish up some UFOs (mostly for the feeling of closure!) and focus on starting AND FINISHING really worthwhile projects that I can be proud of! Also, I want to learn something new with most of my projects. Also, knit more skirts. :)

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Your 2008 FO gallery is simply awesome. And inspiring!
    Your Leyburn Socks are causing quite a huge stir over in Ravelry. And I’m one of those knitting along with over 150 knitters all over the world. Isn’t it awesome how something you designed is bringing people closer together?

    You’re one of my knitting heroes.

  5. gleek says:

    you did have a very successful 2008 and i suspect that 2009 is going to be awesome! :) i’m so glad we’re friends and live close to each other. i’m so looking forward to hanging out when you’re back in town.

  6. whitney says:

    I’m glad 2008 was such a great year for you, and I hope 2009 is even better!

    Your Swirled Pentagon Pullover is totally my favorite of your knits from last year, too.

  7. Anna says:

    WOW, you accomplished A LOT in 2008. 2009 should be even better! ^_^ The personal life going well is always a good way to get your knitting love going too!

  8. kathy says:

    Well, not to be repetitive, but your Pentagron Pullover was awesome and made me want to queue it. That said, I really thought that the orange sweater from your last trip to Singapore was great. Three (adult) sweaters in 2008! I tore out my one attempt. I hope you have a fantastic 2009, personally and knitt-ily!

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