after irene

It’s been a long time since I lived somewhere that got hit by a hurricane—perhaps when Floyd made landfall in Philly? (I remember being let out of work early and running home through one of the hardest deluges I’d ever been in.) Growing up we had our share of scary typhoons (Hugo comes to mind), and even one or two when I was in high school in Maryland (Bertha!). But this was the first since living at a southern edge of Brooklyn in an apartment with windows that face out onto a highway and many small buildings–that is, allowing wind to pummel us full force.

Thankfully, the brunt of it didn’t come to New York City. I didn’t know that at 3am when I heard a tree scraping along the side of the building, though, and then lay in bed listening to the wind slam and slam. I didn’t know until we actually got up in the morning that we had some leaking—the lintels above the windows. Mortar was getting destroyed by wind and rain and water just came right in from the side. Ruined a few books that were on the floor near one window but it’s not the worst!

We went for a walk today to see what Bay Ridge looked like the morning after. All in all, it wasn’t very bad, thankfully. Bits of tree everywhere.

Lots of people were out and about, most walking their dogs or taking photos of the neighborhood. We all waited our turns to get up close to this tree.

This rose made it through unscathed, though, despite the tropical storm force winds. Looks so hopeful and pretty on an otherwise dreary morning. Let’s hope the winds are gone and everything stays intact!

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  1. Mom says:

    Remember Hurricane Isabel? That was my license plate and one time when I was getting gas a woman came up and asked if I took the name from the hurricane. And there was a Hurricane Erin but that hit Pensacola when your Uncle Mark was living down there. He probably wasn’t so happy!

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