another study in stripes

Last spring I knit a Stripe Study, and I followed it shortly thereafter with a Different Lines, both patterns by garter-row genius Veera. I knew it would not be the last time I knit either pattern. In fact, since then, nearly every yarn purchase has been made with Stripe Study vaguely in mind (“Do these two colors coordinate well?”) Recently on Twitter it came to light that some friends were all going to knit SS, so I wound up some yarn and joined in!

I made relatively quick progress and finished in just shy of three weeks (while also accomplishing my book-reading goal for the year! Separate post on that to come). It actually came out a bit larger than my first one. The purple is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock bought at Vogue Knitting LIVE in LA, and the variegated is a merino cashmere from The Knittery (now a defunct dyer, from my Internet research), which I won from Nova a few years ago. My friend Holly saw the WIP and exclaimed, “it’s like a sunrise!” and I’ve been thinking of it that way ever since.

Others have mentioned how much fun it is to knit these stripes, but I must repeat them (and myself). It’s addictive. You’re short-rowing back and forth, so you have the anticipation of reaching the end of the row, and you’re switching colors with regularity so you have the anticipation of changing colors . . . and you’re only knitting (no purling or pattern to remember) the whole time! (Which also means no wraps to pick up or deal with, not that I find that annoying at all.) It’s both motivating and mindless, and it’s the best of all worlds. I knit my normal continental for this one, which also felt great because it proceeded so quickly. (I’m working on a sweater right now but knitting English in an attempt to mitigate some repetitive strain on my left side. And oh it is such slow-going.)

Mostly I wear my other one bunched up and wrapped around multiple times like a scarf, not like a shawl, and it is so squishy and warm. You can see how it looks from the front below. I like a lot of coverage on my neck in the winter!

This one is going in the mail tomorrow to someone special. I know this means it will be a belated Christmas present, but I don’t think the recipient will mind!

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  1. Jacey says:

    It’s gorgeous, and I’m sure the recipient will adore it! I just love the color combination! I’m really hoping I can finish mine before the end of the year, but a Christmas gift quilt is taking top priority at the moment.

  2. Cassy says:

    I just made Veera’s Still Light Tunic and love it. She has a lot of excellent designs. I’ve been admiring this shawl too, and I think my hesitation is over now. Yours is magnificent! Excellent color choice. Cute photos.

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