another woven scarf!

More playing with the Cricket loom! This time I warped with one yarn (Brooks Farm Four-Play) and then wove with a second (Brooks Farm Solo Silk). The yarn had been in my stash for a long while, but little did I know that they were destined to be the perfect scarf for Holly. I gave it to her for Christmas, and when I saw her tear up, well, I knew I did good.

It came out narrower than I’d intended, but extra long, so she can wrap it around a lot or let it hang. It’s lightweight, as all the woven scarves I’ve made so far are, but Holly runs hot so she often likes something light. The colors are definitively Holly, which is particularly perfect. The variegation in the Solo Silk worked nicely against the single-color Four-Play.

Going to the stash to find suitable weaving combinations is so much fun! Though I can only make scarves with the Cricket, each is so fast and helps make dents in my out-of-control stash.

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  1. Janieb says:

    Looks gorgeous, was looking at looms earlier this week due to wrist pain…now you’re telling me it burns up stash! Sure I’d be adding to my stash of I got one.

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