rustling leaves beret

I’m late to the beret game. It was never “my” style of hat, and though I admired people’s work from afar, it just wasn’t my thing. But then I decided to request one when Nova was knitting for me, to get me to step outside my comfort zone a touch. I loved it, so then I started knitting them myself. I had no idea how fun and fast they are!

This pattern first caught my eye when I saw Sara’s finished example. I saw amoebas in the pattern more than leaves, and I loved their elongated shape! We have that book at the office, so I snagged a skein of Alisha Goes Around from my stash in a particularly fantastic shade of green and cast on while watching Annie with friends. (I recommend this if you grew up with Annie, because singing along is loads of fun.)

I finished it off less than a week later, and I wasn’t even knitting it that much. Just a few minutes at lunch, a few while watching TV. I did make one error, in that I did not do the brim in a smaller size needle, so it just sort of . . . hangs on my head. However, it is perfectly stable (the yarn has some nice weight) and is so easy for me to wear!

Photos are © Caro Sheridan, again! I love how frequently I see her lately, because the timing has been perfect for getting her to take my FO shots! This time we were in Cambridge having lunch with friends; I’m in town for a business conference. I know I’m capable of taking my own pictures, but why bother when I can enlist a professional? This was spur-of-the-moment, I was rather unkempt, but she made me look amazing. (She was also with me for the Annie singalong, so it’s only fitting!)

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  1. Caro says:

    I love that we’ve seen each other every single month this year. That’s more than I’ve seen some of my local friends! I’ve never been a beret person because I can’t work out how to wear them, but see this on you makes me want to try it again. Maybe I’ll start one for myself. You know, in all my spare time.

  2. Mom says:

    It’s a gorgeous color and looks very nice the way it’s worn like that. I’ve always liked that leaf pattern. Pau-pau used that pattern alot, one she knew by heart.

  3. evelyn says:

    What a lovely beret! It was nice to read that you found this pattern easy to knit and that it didn’t take you months and months to finish. The design is so intricate that one would think it would have been painfully difficult!

  4. Janieb says:

    Berets are great fun projects, & knit up so quick. It’s almost like they knit along themselves:)

    The colour as ever looks great on you. Hilarious – I thought you were in Cambridge UK, double take LOL

  5. pdxknitterati says:

    That is really flattering on you! I mostly don’t wear hats, because they mess up my hair and just look weird on me, but a beret seems like it might work out…

  6. Whitney says:

    That is gorgeous, the color is perfect! I am also in the no-beret camp, although I love knitting them, so I give them away. But you look super smashing in yours. I am feeling inspired.

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