some stitching progress

Checking in on my long-in-process cross stitch! I keep forgetting I even have this WIP, so I also keep forgetting to document it. I often take it with me when I travel, especially if I don’t have a good, consuming knitting WIP, but then it stays in my suitcase when I get back. I think I started it more than a year and a half ago! This past week, off and on, I’ve been working on this little house.

cross stitch

It’s definitely slow progress, but I’m totally fine with that. I love the process of cross stitch, and it’s fun to see it start to come together. I admit I wish there were more areas of solid color, rather than, say, the trees, where I have to bounce around all over the place, so I’m vaguely on the hunt for another project that’s more filled in with solid stretches. Here’s a pic of the whole thing as it now stands (I don’t use a hoop because, well, I just never did when I was a kid and I honestly can’t imagine it making a huge difference for me). This is worked on linen and the pattern says to hold two strands; I wish it called for 3 or I could be sure I’d have enough if I did because I hate how not “full” the Xs are.

cross stitch in progress


Hopefully I’ll make more regular progress so there’s something to check in on soon!

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  1. ccr in MA says:

    That’s beautiful! I haven’t done cross-stitch in years–knitting has the upper hand right now–but I always used a hoop, and it’s hard for me to fathom not using one. Is the fabric at all stiff? Anyway, nice work!

  2. disco says:

    I went straight over to Pinterest to look up blackwork and saw your design. Now THAT is going to be beautiful. And thanks for the inspiration :0)

  3. Deborah Fillmer says:

    Hi there. Love the pattern you are working on. What is the name of the pattern? The reason it looks as though it is not “filled” enough, is that you are working with black thread on white fabric. If the fabric had been darker, it would not look so spaced. Thicker thread does not usually help this situation, it usually just makes the picture look thick, not as precise as one would like. Back-stitching will help the whole situation, and any trouble spots that remain can be touched up with a fine tip permanent marker, the type used for scrap-booking. Not sure if that helps and you probably already knew this anyway, but I just thought I would offer my $.02 and tell you that the overall picture looks lovely!! Great Job!

  4. Mags says:

    Oh my goodness! I have the same Eva Rosenstand kit! About 1/4 through mine. Love their kits and have about 5 giant ones. I’ll be stitching til I’m dead!

  5. Emily says:

    It’s looking fabulous! I know exactly what you mean about the color showing through–that’s my pet peeve with high contrast stitching, too. The full project shots look pretty “full” and solid though, so it’ll be fine when it’s done and you’re viewing it from more of a distance!

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