biscayne blouse

biscayne blouse | pepperknit

As always, I can say I learned a lot in the making of this shirt, the Biscayne Blouse from Hey June. My biggest lesson was not to size something down willy-nilly because you think it’s coming out too big!

For this, I cut a generous size on purpose. But then it seemed impossibly wide so I just winged shaving fabric off the sides. I took off too much, so it’s more snug at the bust than I wanted, and the shoulders are wider than I’d want. (Proving I should’ve just cut a smaller size to get narrower shoulders.) Oh well!

biscayne blouse | pepperknit

However, I feel pretty damn good about the button placket—that came together very easily and cleanly. I will definitely make this again in a different, less see-through fabric, and cut at a size that will better fit in the shoulders! The pattern was very easy to follow and I executed the sewing in an evening, if memory serves. I wore this pretty often over the summer. It got its debut exploring the coastline in San Diego!

biscayne blouse | pepperknit

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  1. Accacia says:

    Learning how to adjust sizes is one of the most important and hardest skills in sewing. Your blouse looks good and you should feel great about your placket!

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